Hayden Hartnett & Cole Haan in NYC + Gerard Darel

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  1. I feel wonderful imparting the gift of discounted bags. I just took a little trip to Century 21 in downtown Manhattan, and if anyone is in the market for a Hayden Hartnett Mercer, it's $150 there (as opposed to the 300ish Sale area on their website) and I think it's the Inka (or the Havanna) for $185. Plus, various styles of Cole Haan bags, all lovely, all discounted to the $100-180 range.

    And if any of you are looking for a Gerard Darel, I spotted this one on ebay about 10 minutes ago, and I can't remember who, but someone was looking for the mouse grey 24h. It's on ebay for the lovely BIN price of $297. I really want it, but I shouldn't, so it would give me joy to know I brought one of you lovely bagaholics joy. :wlae:
  2. dang it! I'd totally get that georgeous GD:crybaby:
  3. Sigh...I wish I were in NY. Those are some awesome deals! And I :heart: that GD. Thanks for posting these.
  4. Gregory's Shoes had that color yesterday. Not anymore, just the light brown. Sorry!! Don't be sad, another GD will walk by you and it'll be destiny!
  5. Well, when you visit NY from New Haven, hit up the Century 21! Though, I'm personally curious to go to the Century 21 in Brooklyn, since I know for a fact they sell Botkiers (and I :heart:Botkier like nobody's business).

    They also had Koobas in the one downtown, though they weren't as reduced as I've seen other retailers having them on sale.
  6. Sigh.. its times like these that I wish that I lived in NY hahaa!

    Thanks for the heads up - whenever I get to go to NYC I would definitely check for updates here!
  7. I know this is a little after the fact (I just realized the date on this) - I think I recognize this bidder! I recognize her name! I think she checks the forum out for deals and then get them ~ smart! haaha

    But man, that was such a good deal!

    Arrg I want to get a Gerard Darel!
  8. hi amiekbs8, do they really sell botkiers in bk?? i might have to go there this weekend!! are they selling any havanas at century 21? you're talking about the one by battery park right?

  9. Toronto is not that far! The summer, however, is kind of a crazy time to go. A lot of tourists make Century 21 there must-go, so it gets ridiculously crowded. I always thought the store was a little NY secret, until I saw it in an Italian tourism handbook. Word of warning: discounted Cavalli dresses bring out the worst in people, though! :yes:
  10. Hahaha! I thought it was a fantastic deal which is why I had to share! Forum lurkers! I think it's actually kind of hard to make a first post into a forum where everyone is already acquainted. I know I was a little scared the first time!

    Out of curiousity, which GD are you looking for? I've been trying to track down the Havana with pockets (I need my pockets! :yes:) in Kaki...that bag, the leather, oh god, when I find, it'll be a party on my arm!
  11. I mean, I don't know if they are currently, I was planning on going there possibly Saturday to check. A month ago, I saw a Botkier on ebay and the woman had a picture of the receipt, she blackened out the name of the store and the price, but not the address! Of course I know the address of the C21 in Brooklyn!

    They sell Koobas in the one in downtown Manhattan. Yea, but it's not really Battery Park, it's right across the street from Ground Zero, so take the E to the last stop WTC-Chambers, it's right there. And yes, I mean Havana, I added an extra n, I'm pretty sure it was the Havana, I was close to getting it, but I really want a Botkier Bianca!
  12. Ideally - I would want the 48-hour with Frills.. (the one on the right) - thanks to Nerdphanie's blog for the pix!

    But a plain 24 hour or 48 hour is just as good - I just don't like that brown colour at Bagshop - otherwise I would have nabbed it! I basically want a GD at a deal - preferably at the $200-$350 range after taxes and shipping...

    I know, I know Toronto's not that far - and C21 is a must visit for me too! :nuts:

    My problem is that we have relatives in NYC and I use most of the time I am there to spend time with them- so not a lot of shopping time left for me :Push:
  13. There is a store in Montreal that carries Gerard Darel. I googled it and they have a Gerard Darel Boutique with
    in their store! Their personal shopper called me when I emailed them. They have these bags. Sorry that I can't remember the name of the store!The number is
    514-842-7711. Good luck!
  14. The store is Ogilvy in Montreal! But they will probably be full price and probably more expensive then how much I would get them in the US...

    So what did you ask them about? GD bags and what is available?

    I am planning a trip to Montreal in July though :graucho: