Hayden Hartnett codes?

  1. Anyone have a code for the site? TY
  2. If you are looking for a great price on HH bags go to Fashion Accessories by Andrea Brueckner, Aaneta, Lauren Merkin and more... . They have a few HH bags and also type in grechen and you'll get an additional 20% off! I just bought the nico bag and got an excellent price!

    OMG! Last week I bought the Nico bag when it was on sale plus I used the code grechen and got an additional 20% off! Now- the bag is not on sale! I guess I was lucky! The other bags were on sale too but now they are not!:sad:
  3. Thanx Zacorey! the bag I want is only sold on their site as of now...Sounds like you did great!
  4. Maybe if you email them and ask for a code they'll give you one? It's worth a shot!
  5. Yeah, that's my next move...I e-mailed grechen of "grechen's closet" b/c I know she has a relationship w/ them and she's a member here, so we'll see.
  6. FALLIN for 15% off their site. It worked yesterday...
  7. It used to be if you signed up for their mailing list you would get a discount code for your first purchase. It's worth doing it anyway because you get email for whenever they have a sale.
  8. Thanx guys! Gina I already used my first purchase 15% code...
  9. fallin works thanks so much Diamondgirl1!
  10. Does anyone have any new codes for their site? Thanks!
  11. Sign up for their emails (through their website) and you will be notified of any codes they have. Also follow them on twitter. They've been doing occasional "twitter-only" codes for free shipping and the like.
  12. Thanks fafnir!
  13. "lastcall" for 40% off a $500 sale purchase