hayden hartnett bag

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  1. I'm not sure if I am using this site right, but I have a question. I am thinking of purchasing a Hayden Hartnett bag, specifically the Dorca flap. Anyone seen or used these? Are they good? They look pretty cool.

  2. I happen to really like the bags they make though I have only seen them on the net. Luna boston carries them and there is a code for 25% off..grechenhh
  3. I like the dorca flap, it's looks soft and cool, go for it? which colour?
  4. Hey did you mean Lorca flap? I just checked it out again, I didn't know they have these new cool colours. I love the white, the luggage and even the gold. I think it's a very cool and practicle bag and good price!:love:

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  5. I love them too. That new yellow is cute

  6. Where can I find the 25% code????
  7. It is at www.grechenscloset.com, go to designer directories and then handbags, ascess...you will see it there. I believe it expires today. If you don't use it today you can always get 10% off Luna boston using code toutie 10.
  8. Whoever bought this bag pls tell me what you think of it when you receive it and post pics. I am really interested in it.
  9. I just got the hh mercer satchel in luggage-- the washed leather is very soft, almost like a suede or lambskin. The luggage color is a nice tan color-- i think it's their most popular color. I've never seen the Lorca so I can't help with that particular style!
  10. I ordered the Mulberry! I thought it was different and would go with anything. Stay tuned.....
  11. Luna doesn't have all the colors/styles though!
  12. Great colour, very eye catching and unusual, great for summer. Please post pictures when you get it.
  13. Please post pictures of it!!! That is the one color that I would like to buy. (I really want a bright pink rather than a purple) and decided against it after hearing it was too slouchy, but I haven't found another bag I like as well in this color.

    Congrats on the bag, I'm glad your getting. it.
  14. I love the gold one!!! Wow!
  15. I have the Havana hobo in mulberry from hayden hartnett and one thing I do have to say for this company is that they produce the most amazingly soft leather, it is buttery. I put my bags all next to each other and compared. Kooba only comes second to Hartnett, followed by fendi, chloe, gucci.

    I don't know what they did, but it is absolutely LUSH to feel! You will not be disappointed by the softness of the leather, it actually feels more silky than anything else!