hayden hartnett bag


Feb 10, 2006
I'm not sure if I am using this site right, but I have a question. I am thinking of purchasing a Hayden Hartnett bag, specifically the Dorca flap. Anyone seen or used these? Are they good? They look pretty cool.

I happen to really like the bags they make though I have only seen them on the net. Luna boston carries them and there is a code for 25% off..grechenhh
Hey did you mean Lorca flap? I just checked it out again, I didn't know they have these new cool colours. I love the white, the luggage and even the gold. I think it's a very cool and practicle bag and good price!:love:


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I just got the hh mercer satchel in luggage-- the washed leather is very soft, almost like a suede or lambskin. The luggage color is a nice tan color-- i think it's their most popular color. I've never seen the Lorca so I can't help with that particular style!
Please post pictures of it!!! That is the one color that I would like to buy. (I really want a bright pink rather than a purple) and decided against it after hearing it was too slouchy, but I haven't found another bag I like as well in this color.

Congrats on the bag, I'm glad your getting. it.
I have the Havana hobo in mulberry from hayden hartnett and one thing I do have to say for this company is that they produce the most amazingly soft leather, it is buttery. I put my bags all next to each other and compared. Kooba only comes second to Hartnett, followed by fendi, chloe, gucci.

I don't know what they did, but it is absolutely LUSH to feel! You will not be disappointed by the softness of the leather, it actually feels more silky than anything else!