Hayden-Harnett's Inka Big Clip Hobo

  1. I finally got around to getting all my girls together for their coming-out photo!

    I present, the Inka Sandwich!
  2. Beautiful collection!!
  3. Those colors are to die for! :tup:
  4. Love the sandwich IndiaInk! Also the other shots that you added to a recent Inka thread....

    Have you thought of adding them to the HH reference thread ??? It will help bump it up! (Hurray that the search is working!)
  5. mmm...yummy! love it! I would love to have an inka in the olive color!
  6. can you please post more pics thanks!
  7. Good idea, I'll do that -
  8. Mmm, smooshiness! Love your sandwich!

  9. Go to the thread that you started and India posted lots of pics there for you.
    She IS the expert, so ask her questions....cuz she's got the answers.

    India....great to hear from you. Happy New Year!
  10. ^thanks, dc! Right back at ya! :tup:
  11. Beautiful sandwich with yummy colors and leathers!
  12. Hi indiaink! Thanks for posting this pic. Your Inkas are lovely!

    I have been staying away from tPF, hoping that would stop me from buying handbags. Hope you're well!
  13. GREAT colors!!
  14. Izzo! Good buddy! :yes: I hope you've been well! The New Year has started out great for me - a new-found resolve to save money for my Mini Cooper, and by GOSH I'm gonna do it!!!

    I can't stay away from tPF, and now I think it shows my strength of character that I can be here and not be buying anything. HA!!!
  15. indiainkI like that sandwich photo, and thank you for updating the reference thread!