Sep 20, 2005

Does anyone else think that bag looks very similiar to the Botkier Convertible?

I went to their web site and the first picture I saw on their front page was gorgeous!

I really like the sheen on the bag, and I wonder what it look like in real life.

But I guess they do Bulga ripoffs too (Bag on the left).
Thank you for sharing heavensent. And Chemlex, it does look like the Botkier convertible, maybe that's why I like the hobo. Too bad that the convertible doesn't come in chocolate. I am thinking about the Hayden Hobo in brown although I prefer teh Botkier one. I just want to find a pratical brown winter bag that I can carry on my shoulder with the thick coat.:unsure:
These handbags are really cute and well priced. I like them a lot. I actually think they are much nicer than Botkier - but I am sick to death of Botkier so maybe that's why. These bags are more original and less expensive and seem like a better investment, but it would be good to see them in person. How did you find out about them and where are they sold?
Thanks Chemlex for your suggestion. I am really looking for a dark brown everyday shoulder bag. I wish I could just go get the guccissima medium hobo but I can't let myself do that now when I have just lost 5k :sad2: in the market and there will be more losses coming:worried:... my own fault...should not have invested in something so risky...should have just used the money on bags or shoes, so at least I have them with me now.:mad:
I've ordered some of these bags and just got the first 2 in. I LOVE them! I own Bulga, Botkier, etc..., but these are really great.
I think I'm going to have to re-order. The Mercer washed leather satchels are supposedly flying off the shelves at Searle NYC.

Anyway, my input, as a handbag lover, is they are great and a great price!

You can get them at www.blondette.com.