1. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: was looking for some opinions of the quality of hh bags...any thoughts?
  2. I don't recall a single person who has said anything but that the quality is excellent. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember any.

    If you want, you can put the name Hayden Harnett in the Search and read all the remarks from probably hundreds of threads on HH bags. That might help you if you're thinking of buying a HH bag. They are just great bags!!
  3. Outstanding quality of leather and hardware. I really don't think you can do better at that price point.
  4. Overall, I love HH bags. I had (and sold) a Lorca. It was just the wrong shape for me to enjoy using it. It was gorgeous, though. I have and still use the Mercer clutch. I think their leather is to die for and the styles are getting better and better. My only complaint is that, at least for me, the prices are getting out of my range.
  5. I am obsessed with my HH! I got the leather Gaza a few weeks ago and it is excellent! Their customer service is ridiculously amazing, the leather is great...I have no complaints. I constantly have people coming up to me raving over my bag and petting it lovingly. I even got a free gift!
  6. I have seen several HH bags in the boutique near my home. I was impressed with the workmanship and leather.

    While I didn't purchase one of those, I am waiting to see a Nomade in person...then we shall see.
  7. I posted this before in another thread, but got no reply so I hope it's okay to ask here again:

    I am a bit confused. In some threads (such as this one), people say that HH bags are of outstanding quality, but in other threads people say that they'd only buy HH bags on sale or that they aren't worth 600 dollars (taking the example of the HH Pallenberg Duffel). No one seems to say such things of Bulga or Botkier bags.

    So are HH bags worth full price (even though a discount is always desirable, of course)? Is the leather just as high-quality, soft, and durable as the leather on other mid-range bags? Why do you think it is that people seem less willing to spend big bucks on HH bags than on Kooba or Botkier?
  8. I got my HH Mercer clutch in washed leather on sale, but I would have definitely payed full price for it. The leather is just a wonderful quality, soft, thick, smooshy--and the hardware is very nice. Also, they have terrific customer service!!
  9. I have RAVED about HH on numerous posts in here. The leather is AWESOME as is the craftsmanship.
    I think the reason most people say they would not spend full price is because they are not familiar with the quality of HH bags. I have looked into buying a Botkier, Bulga and Kooba at different points in time and to be honest, the HH definately stacks up and in most cases surpasses the quality of the above mentioned bags, imo.

    I would not hesitate buying one. Simply great bags.
  10. I want one, it's so not fair :mad: the leather looks gorgeous and smoochy.
  11. I don't own one, but I fondled one at Anthropologie and the leather feels very nice.
  12. I try not to pay full price for anything, but IMO, HH bags are 100% worth it. I have just one HH, a black Havana, and it has completely sold me on Hayden-Harnett. The leather is delicious and indestructible, much nicer than the Koobas I have seen. The construction quality is at least as good as its midprice rivals, and better than some higher-priced bags (Dior, for example). The stitching is even and perfect, the brushed-brass hardware is lovely and sturdy, the pockets cleverly and conveniently close with hidden magnets, the details are adorable, it's just all good.

    I would indeed buy another one, and in fact I have a second HH in mind for summer, but have to wait until after my wedding.:p
  13. That is a nice one! Wish they had it in more colors... Love the new Blush color! Thinking of getting another Havana in this color!
  14. I have several Hayden-Harnett bags and love them all. Every single one of them has shown fantastic craftsmanship. The leather is so soft and smooshy and the hardware looks high quality. You can't go wrong here. I actually have my eye on one more (that I'll probably end up getting); I've just spent so much on bags lately!

  15. As for me, I just am not willing to pay more then $500 on any bags. that is why I don't own any balenciagas, YSLs, LV, Guccis..etc..I think that when I am in my 60s, those purchases are not gonna take care of me..my retirement fund is.:smile:
    But I love HHs color selection and am hoping for a coupon or sale to snag a hudson satchel and Ibiza tote.
    I own a long wallet in Plum and love it!