Hayden-Harnett -- worth full price?

  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    I'm in love with the HH Havana Hobo in Cobalt, but it's not on sale. It's within my price range, but do you personally think HH is worth paying full price?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ohhh man. I don't want to get flamed for this but... No, I don't think they are worth full price. I just got my havana hobo and I LOVE it. It's a nice looking bag and the leather is really soft, but I'm really glad I didn't spend $400 on it. I feel good about what I paid for it ($139 shipped). Seeing what this bag is like, I would not spend >$200 on a HH bag. I hope that doesn't offend anyone :s
  3. I'm not completely confident in saying they're worth full price, either. I love my Mercer to death, and maybe it's just my current budget, but I could not have imagined paying more than $300 for it(I got it at the last sale).

    then again, I'm not sure how many bags are out there that I would pay over $300 for!
  4. And here is where HH has made a grave tactical error in running all their sales and cheapening their product....eventually consumers start thinking they were overpaying to begin with and won't pay full price anymore.
    Not flaming, I have just been observing the sales and posts for awhile.
    Personally..I like HH but they are not worth the full price they ask. Nice bags but..
  5. Quite honestly, I cannot bring myself to pay full price for any bag that I know will go on sale. And though I really like HH bags (I have 3), I do think that their retail prices are high. However, their sale prices are great!

    I think a lot of other bags are overpriced, too. HH is no different.
  6. I'm kinda the same - I got my saddle Lorca for $86, and I feel like it's worth what I paid. I certainly wouldn't have paid the $300 it retails for. But like most of the others I also can't see myself spending $300 on any bag.
    I've got my eye on the Mercer Triple C in elephant grey but I'll wait until it goes on sale at around $160 - which is also a stretch for me but it's what the ultimate price will be, so I can't justify spending 2-3 times as much just to have it sooner.
  7. I will pay a lot for a bag if I must, but I'm an HH sales kind of girl. They're very nice bags, and I really love the ones I own, but I have yet to bring myself to pay what they ask full price.
  8. i for sure dont think they are worth retail :sad: and it sucks but i was looking at the ruby havana and the ruby sonia tote on active End. but i just dont get why they are so $$ i mean botkier, and kooba and gustto are just a bit more $$, they are very well established brands , HH is a new brand and i dont think they should be asking over $400 for their bags :sad:

    i think that the havana is amazing i have the cobalt one and love it and i paid 1/2 price for it, so about $200 and that to me is reasonable i think that should be their retail price, i think its fair and reasonable for the bag and $428 is just a little extreme

    i mean with some brands you are paying an extra like $100-$200 just for the name but in this case i dont think paying for the name should be involved,,
  9. The only exception might be for the Ibiza convertible since it seems like it might never go on sale, but even then I'm going to buy it from a site with a code like Luna Boston for 25% off for example. Although I'm going off this bag slowly so I might be glad I didn't get it yet!
  10. Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was so afraid I would offend someone. :sweatdrop:

    I really do love my HH bag, though.
  11. ^ yeah, admitting that I wouldn't pay full price for my Mercer feels like I'm betraying him(yes, all of my bags are "him"s:shrugs:)
  12. Qualified no. I don't think they are overpriced in comparison to other bags, BUT the only bag that I would consider paying full retail on is a Balanciaga. I think the retail on Gussto, Kooba, etc. is insane. OTOH, I am seriously going to buy the Suki at some point, but I would be looking for at 15-25% off coupon somewhere.
  13. Wow, thank you all for your feedback -- I will try to sit on my hands (and credit cards) until it goes on sale. Which I really hope is soon!
  14. Well, I have a hard time thinking that most designer bags are worth their retail prices. And really, they aren't, because obviously the companies are making quite a profit on them. On the other hand, they are worth what people will pay, and a lot of people will pay retail.

    I love HH, and I think their bags are incredible quality. The leather is great, the stitching is great, the linings are great, they are very well made. No, I can't see myself paying retail for them, though, but that's just me. I always look for sales. The only bag, for now, I can see myself paying full price for is the LV I am lusting, and that's because I know it won't go on sale.

    But, compared to other brands of similar prices, I think HH is right up there in terms of quality and design.
  15. ITA. that was really well put. honestly, when i see a woman on the street carrying an HH, i think to myself, "she must have scored one during the sale(s) too!"