Hayden-Harnett Winter Sale

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  1. Thanks. Just got a Plum Lorca with tassle for 228 total.
  2. I got a Havana, a satchel, and a Lorca, all in chalk...because I've got a bunch of HHs in classic colors such as black, chocolate and luggage. I even have a Lorca in mulberry on the way...

    I really need to go on a purse ban.:crybaby:
  3. I'm soooo tempted to get the Lorca in chalk....!!! And I just received my Tokyo clutch today!!! What am I thinking???
  4. I'm an HH and Kooba freak now...especially HH. I just hope I won't become a Mulberry freak one day. That will really be some severe damage...
  5. Do you have a pic of the Lorca in Mulberry? I got the plum and am just praying it is a deeper color rather than pinkier. Most pics depict the color I want but I saw one that looked pinkish and I hope it was the lighting.

    Now you know how I love Koobas. Am I gonna be gaga over HH now? I am such a sucker for tassles! LOL
  6. Wow, this is a GREAT sale. !#$%^&* purse ban!!

    BTW the tassels are now $16 at Amazon.
  7. I always liked the Mercer online but never saw it IRL.
    How does this baby handle/look? thx

    eta: I liked the Havana too but wouldn't want the large one - the Lorca is very nice but seems
    small - wondering how much you could fit in there.
  8. enter the site through the 20% off coupon on the link below for extra super-duper savings!

    Holiday Gift Coupons from H-H

    this is insane, ladies...

    and i just bought three new bags in the past few weeks, including a HH black tweed margot kiss kiss !

    dear lord, please grant me strength...
  9. Lexie, I have the tassel in mulberry at hand and I heard that the plum is a very similar color to mulberry. The mulberry is not pinkish, more like purple in my opinion. The picture on Luna Boston looks a little pinkish, but I think it's the lighting. The olive color looks lighter on their website too.
  10. Just a word of caution: the 20% off coupon mentioned by Bella Sarafina above does NOT work with the winter sale. Unfortunately, the web site is a bit buggy -- I got four different prices for the bag I wanted to buy -- and I ended up on the phone with customer service. Be cautious about the price shown for a bag -- the price that shows up AFTER you hit the BUY button is the right price. The site won't accept any other discounts with this sale. Still pretty good deals, but forewarned is forearmed.
  11. I just got off the phone with the manager of Hayden-Harnett and they will not honor the website price linking through the 20% off with the discounted winter sale price. I spoke with him and stated that I thought that this was unfair as the website shows the price with the extra 20% off. He said that they would not honor it-I told him that was a major faux paus. You can't have something on sale that you don't honor when it's out there for the public. I printed the price of the Mercer handbags at $286-but it wants to charge me $357. He said that he was sorry-not a good business decision!!! He's lost my business. :hysteric:
  12. Ladies...I think in the holiday coupon link it states coupons cannot be combined...I saw the 20% off price on the items too, but when you add them to the cart the 20% off does not apply to already reduced items. In fact the prices in the cart never show the additional 20% off......maybe it's a good idea to always verify the amount before you submit the order....
  13. I agree Ecthelion, the prices are already great, and it's not fair to try and combine the codes like that as much as I wish we could!! I just tried again and it looks like it's been fixed!
  14. Ladies, the problem was that the website DID COMBINE the discounts-when I called -the Manager had the technician changing it so it would no longer show up on the website. Therefore the price I got was $286-BEFORE he had them remove it on their website. Don't want you to think that I was being unfair-I can send you the print out! If the same thing happened in a store-I would ask them to honor the price.:confused1: