Hayden Harnett Winter Sale - New Reductions Taken-New Items Added

  1. My credit cards are saying "no, no, no", but my fingers are saying - "oh, just click and look". This site is so bad for my budget!
  2. Okay -fingers won - I clicked. They've added a ton of stuff, but the prices aren't all that great on mos things. I'm looking for a new wallet - is anyone using their Clutch Wallet? It looks nice and the grey is on sale - I need a wallet that holds a lot.
  3. nothings really popping out at me=(
  4. after seeing some of those items for less than $100 and now at $200-300? no way.
  5. does anyone have an idea of what items have gone down?
  6. I don't think any of the items sale prices have gone down... I just think new items were put on sale...
  7. sep-thanks
  8. i really want their signature cuff, still to expensive