Hayden Harnett - which small everyday bag?

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  1. I need a new everyday bag - needs to be able to hold the basics - purse, mobile, ipod, keys, small cosmetics purse. I've been looking at some of the smaller Hayden Harnett bags - I like them because they're just not like anything I've seen here in England. Which one do you like best? Anyone that owns one got any opinions? I've done a board search and I'm still not sure!

    Tokyo clutch in chestnut
    Lorca flap demin in chocolate
    Mercer clutch in chocolate
    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg
  2. I think of those three, the Mercer clutch is the most unique. I can vouch for the Mercer leather too; it's wonderful. Soft but durable.
  3. Yes I must admit the Mercer is ahead for me at the moment. Just so different. Like the sound of the leather too.
  4. My choice would be the Lorca with tassle.
  5. I like the mercer best.
  6. Let me know if you order Curls, and what the customs charges were, as I am dying to order a Lorca with tassle but I'm too afraid it would end up not being financially viable.
  7. Another vote for the Lorca with tassels.
    My sis has one and LOVES it.
  8. Lorca flap demin in chocolate :smile:
  9. I also vote for the Lorca w/tassel!
  10. I have the Lorca (with tassel, of course). It holds way more than it looks like it would, is great quality, and ALWAYS gets comments. That said, these are all great choices and you'll be happy regardless of your choice. Let us know what you decide!
  11. I have one Lorca and a few Mercers :rolleyes: . I think the Mercer clutch is great because you can use the shoulder strap or carry it by the handles. While I love both, if you have to pick one get the Mercer!
  12. Another vote for the Lorca with tassels.