Hayden-Harnett wallet: Clutch vs. Tuileries vs. Mercer

  1. I would like to buy an HH wallet but have not been able to decide on a style. The Clutch looks beautiful with lots of room for credit cards but may be bigger than I need. The Mercer is cute but quite small. The Tuileries is very pretty and seems to be in between the size of the other two so this might be a good choice for me.

    I'd love to hear from anyone who owns any of these styles about what you can fit in it and what you like/dislike about it.

  2. I have the clutch and I love the look. It's stylish and functional. Occasionally, I do feel like it's more wallet than I need...I don't carry a lot in my wallet and while it has lots of room and keep me organized, sometimes it's just too large. The turnlock ,while lovely, does stick out and makes it hard to "stack" in my bag. For those occasions, I use the Hobo International Diane (super-slender wallet).

    I have often thought that the Tuileries is the best of both worlds - enough pockets but petite. I have heard that the slide-in closure of the Mercer is a bit of a pain too, but I do like the look of that one as well.
  3. I have the clutch (in many colors, I like it so well) and while it may SEEM large, it's not large enough to hold a check register/checks very well. I can do it, but it's not a good thing.

    I have no trouble with the turnlock closure, but then I don't have much in my Inka either, or rather - I have space available that the turnlock doesn't catch on anything.

    I needed a wallet with lots of credit card slots, and this one has that - and spaces to put receipts/papers.
  4. audball - Thanks for your helpful review of the styles! I hadn't noticed about the closure on the Mercer -- I think that would bother me so that helps me rule this style out.

    indiaink - Thanks for sharing your experience with the Clutch wallet, glad to hear you love it! If you get a chance could you let me know the depth of the wallet (it looks pretty flat). The HH website indicates that the Tuileries wallet is 1.5" deep and am wondering how the Clutch compares. A couple of my bags are fairly flat so it might be nice to have a flatter wallet.
  5. It is 1.5" deep, and that's stuffed with cards and receipts/notes and $. And a checkbook/register.

    One thing - the pen holder must be for the skinniest pen on the planet - I don't carry a pen in it because I don't have a pen that darned skinny. Just FYI.
  6. Thanks very much for the info.:smile:

    I actually don't carry pens in my bags since I ruined one a couple years ago when it got a pen mark on it. Now I only carry a pencil in my HH carryall.
  7. Hi citychris, I have both the Tuileries and the Mercer Indexer. I like the Tuileries because there are eight slots for credit cards, plus additional slots for receipts and a roomy bill compartment. I especially like that the Tuileries has a large kiss-lock change compartment, so I don't have to carry around a separate coin purse. I purchased the Mercer from the recent sale and haven't used it yet, but I am not sure that I will enjoy using this wallet as much as the Tuileries because it's much smaller and the change compartment is a zippered compartment in the back of the wallet that probably won't hold a lot of coins. I can also see that having to tuck the flap under the hardware in order to snap and close the Mercer wallet could get annoying. It looks like the Tuileries is half off right now - - what a great deal!
  8. Thanks Izzo! I did decide to get the Tuileries yesterday and was happy to find it on sale! I also ordered a dress on sale so that the total was about the same as the wallet would have been full price.

  9. Oh! Which dress! and what color did you go with for the wallet?
  10. I got the Bettina khaki floral -- I love the colors and think I could wear it as a tunic with jeans (if it fits right). I ordered the wallet in chocolate because I think it will be the most versatile and work with the different colors of my bags and linings.
  11. I currently have the Olive green Clutch wallet... and so far.. I have no complaints about it. It's a bit large when it comes to capacity for me.. (credit cards, pockets, etc.) But having extra space is better than having not enough space. Its a good investment.. and its pretty too. I don't carry a pen in the pen slot either. Hope that helps~! :tup:
  12. I have the mercer wallet in plum and tuilleries in Olive..both are great!..I love both but because the plum leather seems to be more delicate, I am using the tuilleries more often which seems to me is much more durable:tup:.
    Sorry , can't be much of help..hee..hee..
  13. Love the Bettina - i actually tried it on a few months ago and it could definitely be worn over jeans (though maybe a little longer than a typical tunic) and the print is fabulous - would work very well for Fall too, IMO.
  14. Hey there citychris, I'll be looking for a wallet this fall so I'd love to hear what you think when you receive yours!
  15. oogiewoogie & anitalilac - Thanks for your input re: your wallets. Both the Mercer and Tuilleries seem like great styles.

    jandelvis - I considered the Bettina in the past sales but finally decided to try it. If it's not too short, I might wear it as a dress during the summer but I agree the colors are very pretty for fall.

    youngster - I'll let you know how I like the Tuilleries. It's funny I bought so many HH bags but had the hardest time deciding on a wallet.