Hayden Harnett trophy in blueberry or HH Havana hobo in lagoon??? Please help

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  1. I have a huge colection of linea pelle but just recently Hayden harnett handbags caught my eye. I am getting ready to purchase me first HH and can't decide between the Havana hobo in lagoon or the trophy bag in blueberry! I have only seen both online never in a store around here on anyones arm so just tryin to pick the right one. I am 5ft 7 1/2 in tall and 125 I like med sized handbags not to small not to huge the only thing that scares me about the Havana is the measuremeants it seems so large but then saw some pics of people carrying it and it didn't seem that large so anyway my question is the Havana way too large of a bag like almost ebarresed to ever leave the house with it so huge?? I fir sure am drawn more to the Havana and the color lagoon is gorgous so help please need advice.

    Thank you :smile:
  2. I love my blueberry Trophy...I prefer satchels to hobos, though.
  3. IMO, the Havana looks smaller b/c it smooshes so much. I was also afraid of the Havana looking too big, but I took the plunge and think that it looks fine on my 5' frame.
  4. The Havana is not big at all!! The Trophy on the other hand, for me is kind of big...

    Here's a picture of the Havana in Lagoon and I'm only 5'3"


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  5. And here is the Trophy. I'm shorter than you though.


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  6. Welcome!! (I'm another LP lover as well, but mainly have HH). Everyone's right; the Havana actually looks like the smaller bag because it doesn't have the structure of the Trophy. The Trophy is gorgeous; more of a work bag. The Havana is lovely and slouchy, a true hobo. People debate the straps. The drop on the Trophy is shorter, with two stiffer, rolled handles. The Havana strap is flat and some people don't like it on their shoulder. (Works great on mine). I'm 5 7.5" as well, but a WEE bit heavier than you :biggrin: I was around 165lbs in these pics...


    Also, WRT the leathers, Blueberry is a tougher, easier to care for leather. Lagoon is amazing, and perfect for spring, but can be delicate (easy to scratch, pick up dirt) since it's a "naked" leather.

    Let us know what you decide!!
  7. Okay, Jenni. I certainly could not get a job at the county fair guessing weights, cuz I would never be right!!! You look so awesome. I would have said 130-135. I would give my left leg (it's the bad one!!!), to look like that!!!! :biggrin:
  8. I own both styles, although I've never ever used my Trophy but have modeled it in front of the mirror:P. If you are looking for a medium-sized bag, then I would go for the Havana since it slouches once worn, as you can see from the modeling pictures above (btw, jenni, love the pics, especially the one with your euc havana). The Trophy is a large bag, IMO (since I'm a shortie ...only 5'3 1/2 ), but perfect as a work tote!!!:tup:
  9. Thanks for the pics of the havana and trophy. I appreciate them as well as th OP. They both seemed so big when I see pics on the website. It is nice to see them irl. The trophy still seems big, but as big as the havana appears in a pic, it falls so nice, and comes across a lot smaller.

    I think I want a havana. Just need to figure out what color I desire!!! That euc is really nice!!
  10. I think it depends if you are a satchel or a hobo gal. I'm def a satchel type. I've owned both the Havana and the Trophy, and the Trophy totally wins it for me.

    But I think the Havana is the smaller bag for sure.
  11. As everyone has said, don't be afraid of the Havana Hobo dimensions. I'm petite (5-1 and 110) and I use a Havana Hobo all the time. I also rock a LP Dylan and consider them to be about the same size.
  12. The trophy definitely "wears bigger" if that makes sense. The Havana is so unstructured. I love the look of the Trophy but have actually only carried mine a few times...putting enough stuff in that bag to make it worthwhile for me to carry such a big bag also makes it heavy enough that it is uncomfortable on my shoulder (if that makes any sense :nuts:).

    Jenni...you must be putting bricks in your pockets b/c I never would have guessed you at 165. That is what I weigh and I definitely look like I have a LOT more junk in my trunk :smile:
  13. Oh thank you so much for the pics you just helped me make my mind up definatly the Havana lagoon :smile: so pretty perfect size!!! Thanks again!!
  14. Thanks so much everyone for your pics i have made my mind up definatly the Havana in lagoon I'm soooo excited now those pics helped sooo much! I love the purse forum I'll put my pic of me sporting my first HH when I get it :smile:
  15. Aw :P Thanks Amanda and 2Many. It's all in my thighs, butt, and feet LOL. But yeah, heavy bones too. Next time there's a carnival, I'll try to win a stuffed Tigger toy!