Hayden Harnett - the color "Blush"

  1. Does anyone have a HH bag in the color "blush"? I can't tell from the pics - is it a pink-ish color, coral (peachy), or more of an "orange sherbet" shade ?

    I have an MJ stella bag in the color "faded brick" from several years ago, which is a coral-like shade. I love that bag and its color and have always wanted to get another bag in a similar color. I wonder if HH's blush just might be it.
  2. doesn't anyone have an HH bag in blush???
  3. i don't have it, but i've seen it in person. it's definitely paler than a full-out coral--it's closest to a pale peach (but imagine a hint of pale pink mixed in).

    it's lovely, but sounds like you're looking for something brighter...
  4. I had ordered the jacket in Blush (but returned it due to style didn't work for me). It's pretty much the same color as my Gerard Darel bag, pictured here.

  5. Hmm have you seen the Currant color? I like it a lot more than the blush. I think it also depends on which style bag you were wanting to get. Was it the Mercer?