Hayden-Harnett Tharpe in Yam - worth waiting for it to go on sale?

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new here... and thrilled to be connecting with all of you who are just as obsessive about bag shopping as I am. I have a question - I've been stalking the Tharpe hobo in yam for months now on various sites and am not sure if it's worth waiting for it to go on sale on the HH site. Do you think it will? How do the HH sales generally work, anyway - will there be a round of blow-out reductions toward the end of summer, say around Labor Day, or do they roll out just a few sale items at a time? (I haven't started following the site closely until recently.) God, it's torture...

    I am kicking myself because I almost snagged the Tharpe for $357 on JC Madison, but it was gone before I made up my mind about it. Now I'm wondering if I should buy it off WinkNYC with a discount code (still $440 or so)... or wait and see if HH puts it on sale itself for a lower price? What do you guys think?
  2. I get the feeling that they are pretty low on the yam, it has been popular. Their sales are pretty unpredictable so I don't know what to tell you. That said, you can always stalk evilbay. It should come up for less than $440.
  3. it is on sale right now for 137 on HH site
  4. Whewww. You scared me, I had to run to look at the sale. The sale Tharpes are currently Oyster and Anthracite, but that doesn't mean a Yam won't magically appear.
  5. I seem to recall from a previous sale thread that it had already been on sale earlier this year. That is not to say it won't be discounted again to get rid of the last remaining summer inventory. I don't believe the emerald Corcovado had many items in stock and yet they still put it on clearance. That said, you need to be quick with these high demand items because they go so fast! A lot of the time it is a matter of being at the right place (online) at the right time to snag a deal. Good luck with your search!

    PS. I don't know if HH will tell you this, but maybe you can phone them up and ask them how many they have in stock? That may give you a clue as to whether or not you need to hustle on it.
  6. ^true
  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Very helpful. Merrygold, I was just about to do what you suggested - e-mail HH and see if they can tell me how much stock in the yam they have left. They did say in our last e-mail exchange that "items that are in large quantity or is last season will more than likely go on sale." I'll report back if I find out anything helpful. Yes, gotta be quick!

    The Corcovado in Emerald... now that is dreamy!
  8. Interesting info, Cheekychica. Anyone care to make a list of the last season items yet to go on sale? LOL

  9. By the way cheekychica - you have arrived in time for the birth of a HH hodum at the purse forum.

    Also - since you asked about HH sales - they are amazing - and great fun. Have you got on HH's mailing list yet? They are the second best way of getting the invite to HH's secret sales. The best way is keeping your eye out in the deals and steals forum (someone always seems to get the invite first - and posts it....).

    If you take a look at the deals and steals forum in the order of most viewed threads - and you can see the craziness that ensues from a HH sale! Such good fun - and great bargains.

    But BTW - if I see that tharpe in yam first - its mine !:whistle:
  10. Yes, we always have a great time waiting for things to pop up at the sale.

    We :roflmfao:

    We :crybaby:

    We :drinkup:

    and We :party:
  11. Does anyone have any modeling pics of the Tharpe in any colour?? Purdy please??!
  12. There is a NWT Tharpe Hobo in Yam for $385 BIN on eBay!!!
    I thought of you as soon as I saw the listing!
    Go get it, girl!!!
  13. Never mind.
    I think it was listed for less than 5 minutes before someone did a BIN!!!
  14. Yes and then we all post lots of :coolpics:

    We pretend that we are :banned:

    Until we get the :woohoo:

    And it is time for another sale :dothewave:
  15. Did someone here get the Yam Tharpe??