hayden-Harnett Target Hobo- Pics!

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  1. I am new to Hayden-Harnett but I saw these on-line. I was looking for a larger, light-weight black bag. I picked this up at my Target yesterday. The lining is really nice- with several pockets inside.

    The bag itself doesn't look like leather to me. It is soft though. I prefer to wear it on my shoulder. Overall, it's a nice "toss around" bag.

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  2. I have this bag too! I really like it for the price! The bag looks better IRL IMO. But, it does not look like leather. Still, really cute! Here are some more pics:


  3. The lining is cute! Darcy, is the trim around the outer pockets a different texture than the bag? It looks like it. This is the same style as the canvas fig hobo which I bought and really do like.
  4. Thanks for the pics!
  5. I got the hobo in brown from Target and I agree that it doesn't look like leather, but is super light weight and comfy. I took mine to a concert the other night and wasn't worried about someone spilling a drink on it! Also, it was a cold night, but hot inside the show so I took off several layers and just stashed them in my bag (love the size)!
  6. I was thinking about this to use as a bookbag/carryon but what is up with that almost woodgrain texture on the black material?
  7. It is textured. I think they wanted something a little different. Honestly, the bag looks way better in person.
  8. ^ I second that. I did not like it at all until I tried it on in the store. That vinyl just does not photograph well.
  9. On our way to Minneapolis last week, I had DH take me to Target so I could take a look at these bags. We stumbled upon a Target in Iowa and I saw the display right in the front of the store. I bought the Canavas multi-color Hobo, which is so adorable! They only had two left of that style. Here's a pic:

  10. I just ordered the black hobo from Target, I think the lining looks totally yummy!
  11. I have this bag! My stupid Target didn't have any of the HH items so after leaving there quite disappointed on the 28th of Dec. when the line was launched I headed straight for Target.com to order mine.