Hayden-Harnett Summer Surprise #3: Tarte Beach Beauty kit + Totes

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  1. EROL sale! No, thanks. :tdown:
  2. Aw, c'mon swolfy!! You know this is what we all waited for during those long days of the BB!! Erol has his very own sale!

    This must be positive proof that HH execs don't read this forum.

    BTW, swolfy, I saw a bumper sticker for you this morning .... "I'm Not Speeding, I'm Qualifying" :P
  3. :roflmfao: an erol sale...oh my gosh....
  4. Tarte isn't bad stuff but it's not as chemical free as they claim to be. I got some during the recent hautelook sale, but that was before I dug a bit deeper into the ingredient list. I am *such* a sucker for a sale and the words "all natural"!!
  5. LoL, I should find that sticker for my car. Of course this would only bring more attention to me and my lead foot.
    Thanks, for reminding me, I need to complete online traffic school today.
  6. wow... and the prices kinda... suck
    I wonder if they will sell any
  7. I won't be going in to work late cuz of this sale!
  8. $44 for a friends of Al tote? Yuck!!
  9. Hey, at least the sale page layout and pics are pretty.
    I doubt they will sell much though.
  10. I wonder how much in sales they will make? Some of the make-up is a little tempting.
  11. Not tempted by this at all.
  12. I was so excited when I read the subject line. Then SO disappointed when I opened the email.
  13. Nikki: I know! I balked at $28 during the BB sale. I do want one, though... I heard some people bought it for $12 or got it for free?? :P

  14. I got the Friends of Al totes for $10 each during the Spring Sample sale; they were the first things I bought from HH. My hubs is named Al and I thought it would be funny to give family Christmas presents in them this year, since I usually bake and give several things to our family members a tote comes in handy.

    Nice for $10 but I wouldn't want to pay much more for them.