Hayden-Harnett Summer bag-Help!

  1. Hi,

    I just ordered the Mercer Clutch in Coral based on another post here.

    I need a summery bag- casual for now til September. There are two bags I really really like- I don't know how to post thumbprints or jpegs, so I am passing on the urls. Any help would be appreciated-cause I think both bags would be perfect for summer!!

    Hayden-Harnett Alfie Bird bag (still can't make up my mind on color either)


    Malia city basket-


    this one has really grown on me. It's a bit more than I want to spend, but it looks chic and cute. I really like the bird one - I wish I could buy both!

    Thank you
  2. I like the bird bag. I'm a bird person though. I have three great feathered friends!
  3. I just ordered the clutch in coral last nigth too. I can't wait to get it!!!! I not a fan of the bird one, but the city basket it cute. Did you look at their canvas bags, there are a couple that are really cute. Good luck!!!
  4. Hi meowgirl, I like the second bag. If you wish to consider something cheaper, how about one of these Parcel canvas handbag?




    What do you think of Liz Claiborne's leather-trimmed straw hobos ($88 and $128)