Hayden Harnett SUKI - Who has it?

  1. I'm thinking about this one in black...I have tried a Nico and Gaza when I went to their sample sale in April so I'm familiar with those but there weren't any Suki's there as far as I know. I love the look of it online.

    If you have it do you love it? is it comfortable to wear? help talk me in or out of it :smile:

  2. i have a suki in saddle and i love it! i also have a kooba elisha in blonde, which is a similar color and size, but they project very different personalities so i find myself alternating between the two quite regularly. the suki leather is very, very soft and smooshy, but it's also a frame bag so it's structured and ladylike. it's really beautiful IRL, i'm so in love. let me know if you get it!
  3. I have a black Suki and I love it so much. When mine arrived I thought "what was I waiting for? Why didn't I buy this the first second I saw it online?" I agree with everything BlueGenes says about it PLUS I love that it zips from both sides, I love the little turnlock pocket on the front, I love the substantial lining, I love that the handles are long enough that I can carry it as a satchel or wear it as a shoulder bag.

    On their new forum Ben says that next spring they're coming out with an emerald green. So that might be worth waiting for if you're really patient.
  4. Thanks!!! I really need a nice black bag so I think I'll get that one.
  5. petitichou, it was actually $200 in black and saddle at the NY Sample sale. I thought about it for a lonnnngg time and think it's classic, but didn't love the way it sat and looked on my shoulder. If you get a chance to try it out, I suggest you do that.
  6. I just broke down and bought the Saddle, even though I've been waiting for the new fall bags to come out. I've always loved the design of this bag, and I'm really excited to see what colors they might add for fall.
  7. oh no...I guess I must have missed it or maybe they had sold out by the time I was there. I was overwhelmed by all the bags that day and was new to the world of HH.

    I just bought it in black from someone selling it NWT for $240 shipped so not too too bad although $200 would have been nicer! I hope they do another sample sale in the city!!
  8. Glad to hear you got one. I love my saddle Suki, just used it today and couldn't resist the thick soft gathered leather...makes me want to grab a handful. It's also very comfortable to wear and is a great day to night bag.
  9. The more I hear about the Suki in Emerald, the better it sounds! :drool: