Hayden-Harnett Suki Ladybag

  1. Does anyone own this bag? I was thinking about getting it, but wanted to know more about it - like, do both straps stay up on your shoulder or does one slip off? Maybe someone can post pics? I do wish there were more than 2 colors, though. :sad: Maybe I'll e-mail them and ask if they have plans to make it in more colors. I'd probably be going for the saddle color, though, because I so rarely use black handbags. Any help here?
  2. I just tried on this bag today. I really like the style but found it to be a bit heavy for me. I really like lightweight, comfortable bags (e.g., Balenciaga). I thought both handles stayed on reasonably well, but it's kind of hard to say without carrying it around for awhile.
  3. I asked about this one a little while back but no one had tried it yet, AFAIK. I am debating about getting this one as well- either it or the Beatrice, I think! I am not so much of a black handbag person either, but I am fond of this one in black with the contrast stitching. I kind of like both colors, actually! Ugh, it is just so hard to deicide. I was on thebagshop.com and they list this bag as coming in three colors: saddle, "brown," and black. So I don't know if it is an exclusive for them? or what because obviously that color is not listed on any of the other sites..... :shrugs:
    Anyway, if anyone else has any input I'd love to hear it! ;)
  4. it looks a lot like the dutchy handbag, but with a pocket placed on the front.
  5. Good point! I hadn't thought of that. I have seen the Dutchy bags in person and they are much nicer than they look online. Soft leather and great quality for the price.