Hayden Harnett Suki Ladybag

  1. Does anyone have this yet???
    Luna Boston | Suki Lady Bag Details

    I just got the Havana Hobo in Olive and I think I might exchange it for this....The Havana is gorgeous but somehow not quite "perfect." LOL I love how classic this bag looks....any opinions on what I should do?
  2. I think Havana is a great bag but I actually just returned one because it was a bit too slouchy for things like books and files. It sounds like your more excited about the Suki, which I think is a really great bag.
  3. I think you probably saw my post on loving this bag in my little whining session about missing HH sales...anyway, I agree with the idea of switching completely...Suki is classic, yet has a distinctly modern look...looks like a perfect cross between an old style Yves Saint Laurent choice and a new haute designer's touch. Looks like something a modern day Grace Kelly would carry...

    My chosen name on the forum is the woman who designed for more academy award winning actresses than anyone, so I've always got my eye on new, affordable and classic designs...if I designed handbags, HH would be my type of bag...alas, I design jewelry instead...;)
  4. I think you guys are convincing me to go with the Suki :smile: I seem to be swaying more in the direction of lady-like, slightly structured bags at the moment (of course that could all change tomorrow, LOL).

    Edithhead- I think that there was a character modelled after Edith in the movie The Incredibles, right? Can you tell I have a 2 year old? :lol: Seriously, I loved reading your comments, very poignant.
  5. My vote is for the Suki Lady Bag.
  6. I just used my beautiful Mercer Satchel - which I have had for several months - last week, and I have to say that Hayden Harnett makes fabulous bags. Don't hesitate, just grab it.
  7. That's quite a difficult choice - they are two completely different bags! I love my Havana Hobo, but the Suki is gorgeous too. I guess it depends on whether you want something structured or slouchy.
  8. From the bags I've seen on the runways in pictures of the Fall 07 shows, I think bags will be trending back to smaller and more structured (yay!). I've had my eye on this bag too, keep waiting to see if they're going to offer in more colors.

    And Edith, your font is just a bit difficult to read. Maybe you can increase the size, slightly. (Love the handle, BTW. I'm a big fan of EH's costume designs.)
  9. Did you ever end up getting the Suki Ladybag? I'm drooling over that one, but haven't pulled the trigger yet! If you got it, can you post pics? Thanks!
  10. Bump- thinking of getting this bag!!!!!!
  11. Hi there! I never did end up getting the Suki- it came down to that and the Gustto Parina, and I ended up with the Gustto (which I :heart:). That said, I still want a Suki! LOL But I am going to wait to see the new Fall colors first! Then I'll probably order one ;)
  12. Hi Anne! Well, I bite the bullet and purchased it. :yahoo:

    I was going to hold off on buying a black bag until fall but there was something about this bag that I kept on going back to. :yes:
  13. HOORAY! i have a feeling you are going to fall deep for this one! :heart::heart: let us know when you get it, ok?
  14. Good for you, Judie! Yes please do post pics when it comes! :drool:
  15. I purchased the Suki in Saddle one of the first days of the sale and I LOVE IT! I carried it all weekend, and this bag may surpass the Mercer Satchel as my fave HH bag. The leather is smooshy, but the bag has a definite shape. It's easy to wear on the shoulder, and easy to get in/out of. I have the Havana Hobo as well, but like the Suki much better.