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  1. I posted earlier that I received a defective mulberry Dorca bag. I had sent this bag back for credit immediately via insured mail, but they were not there to receive it, and it's sitting in their local post office. This is very frustrating because they won't credit my account until they pick it up. They are hard to reach by phone, and so far emails and messages don't get returned. Maybe I'm too hurried on this, but I'm bothered by this service and recommend purchasing from a different place if you want one of this bags!
  2. Have their services gone down hill just in the past few months? Maybe their business has gone up so much that they have neglected their customer services. I haven't bought anything from them but have quite a few emails with them, I must say they were very good and quick back then. Good luck, I'm sure you will get your money soon.
  3. That is frustrating. I hope they make it right for you. Customer service is so important, and cannot be overlooked.
  4. I feel for you. Hope it works out. It's a shame when service goes down hill. Don't these people understand service is what differentiates businesses.
  5. I'm fairly sure this is a rather small company. I used to work with one of the owners, Toni ... she's a good person... I'm sure business has just picked up tremendously since their recent publicity.
  6. I'm sure business has picked up largely due to interest and discussing on this site. I had never heard of them before I joined here.
  7. I recently bought a "black Tokyo clutch" from them - I had asked to delay delivery by a few days because I was going to be out of town - they were lovely about it but they never delivered - till I got home and reminded them, then it came immediately. I would not hesitate to order from them again, they are trying to get it together and they have beautiful (still affordable) bags.
  8. I really despise lousy service. It's sort of like NM taking 6 weeks to refund me my money for a defective purse I returned to them, then charging me $47 dollars in finance charges while I was waiting for the refund!

    :evil: :evil: :evil: Talk about insult to injury. I may have to boycott them altogether!
  9. why do they have stuff sitting in a post office...that's weird for any business, no matter how new they are...do they not have an address where things can be shipped to...I doubt that they ship out of a mailbox center....that seems really weird. I used to own a business and from day one we had a mailing address...we were poor, just starting out, etc. etc...and we had a really cheap space. but we took back returns, had them repaired or sent out new product when necessary....no excuses here...don't mean to be a tough guy, and even if someone is a nice person, business is business...

    and it leaves a bad taste in the consumer's mouth, and they are the ultimate boss...they are the ones that have to be pleased and happy...
  10. Argghhhh...that happened to me too! Where do they get off keeping your refund for so long! I will never return something by mail, I'll just bring it to the store.

  11. I'm still steaming. I can't deliver it in person because I am in Illinois. I gave up emailing and calling, and I filed a claim yesterday with my bank. This has cost me more money in phone calls, postage, etc., and it's their mistake. I think they should have send me a new bag AND a refund. Done with this company! If they would have just responded to me I would be fine with this. But no call back?
  12. I just purchased the havana hobo in mulberry :love: and was going to order from them, but ordered from Luna Boston instead b/c I found a 10% off coupon. Sooooo glad I read this thread-I hate lousy service and will stick with Luna Boston b/c they have FABULOUS service.
  13. Wow. I've emailed them about a couple of bags- Tom got right back to me, helped me decide, and gave me a nice discount to use towards my first bag. Based on this correspondence, I am definately buying a bag from them- I'm just stuck between several bags and a wallet, and it's taking a while to make up my mind.

    I sincerely hope things work out with your purchase.
  14. Hey I was wondering about the quality of the HH bags? I'm planning on buying from from Luna Boston. =) BTW, mention lucky mag and there's 20% off this month shopping in Luna Boston
  15. Yes, I've bought two bags from them now, and have had no issues at all with their response or service. The first Mercer Satchel in Chalk that I purchased had a defective interior zipper. I returned the bag and had a replacement within a week. They took time to answer my questions via e-mail before I purchased bags, and I'd definitely buy directly from them again.