Hayden-Harnett Secret Sale

  1. Hi, thought I might pass this along as I've found many a great deal here. :smile:

  2. again, the site is up way before the actual time :smile: thanks OP :smile:
  3. I can't believe it. The bag I bought off eBay a week or so ago is $100 less. I am crushed. I could have bought two bags, almost. Why? I feel sorry for the person on eBay who spent close to $400 on a bag that is now $159. Well, hopefully this helps someone get something they really want.
  4. Thanks so much for the link! This is my first purchase through TPF :smile: Don't forget to use the DCHH code for free shipping.

  5. This is my first purchase through TPF too AND my first HH bag. :yahoo: Thanks girls! You are the best!
  6. thank you. I hope they decide to put the clothes on super secret sale, too.
  7. Thank you for this post. I just purchased a Dominique Hobo for $118 :tup: I was also able to use the code for free shipping :yahoo:

    Thanks guys!!!!!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! I just ordered a Nomade Hobo in bark...Crossing my fingers that I'll love it as much as all the other HH bags I've seen/own! :yahoo:
  9. Help I can not get to this website anyone else not able to get on?
  10. Can someone please post the link.
  11. Wow - thanks so much! Just ordered a Nomade Hobo in Bittersweet!!
  12. Thanks for the info. I picked up a Dominique satchel, Nomade ruffled hobo, and Lucie clutch!
  13. Thanks for the free shipping code...and I thought I was on a hiatus from buying!
    Just bought the Dominique satchel in cream.....the price was just too good to pass up....hope it's as great as my Ana.
    Interesting - I searched for the Dominique satchel to get opinions on the bag, seems that this is not a popular HH item. Anyone have this bag - and if so - comments?
    (Maybe I'm asking a bit late, but would still like to know!)
  14. Thanks so much for the link and the free shipping code "DCHH"! I just bought the Nomade in Bark. I hope the picture does it justice! If you like the cute little change purses, remember to fill out their survey and you get one for free. You can get one to match your bag!