Hayden-Harnett Second Annual Sale Just Announced

  1. I'm so tempted to get the Havana Hobo in Ruby. It's such a good deal!
  2. The prices seem high to me. I'm not a psyched about HH as I was this summer, for some reason.
  3. After all the complaints about the damaged/defective things people got in the last sale I would think twice before buying from them. I just don't think a defective bag is worth it.
  4. I wonder how many markdowns they will do....
  5. I ordered a shirt in size 12 and a shoulder bag in Grey color during last sale but what I got wrere a shirt in size 10 and a bag in Elephant Grey. I felt so frustrated that I even had no tempt to complain. But anyway I still love their bags and I'll hold to their next sample sale. The price of the sale right now is not that attractive to me.
  6. I'm sorry, but I think those prices are insane. I ordered during the Thanksgiving and sample sale. I have two HH bags and both were at or under $100. They are selling the white Tulieres for 450 or so and it was 100 during the last sale. Really, I was not terribly impressed w/ the bag. It is okay, but not "wow" design or quality. I don't think the prices listed are good deals, in my eyes. The only thing decently priced are the canvas and the brandy Pastis bag. I like HH, but won't pay retail or close to it for the bags. I wonder if they'll do further discounts.
  7. I too was very disappointed in the prices for this sale - things are barely discounted. I got the Cannes Tote at the sample sale for $119 (I got lucky and mine was perfect) and it's barely discounted on this sale. That Ruby Hobo is a deal though, but I just bought a Bal City so must restrain myself;)
  8. Oh, I dunno...Rizzo Motorcycle Jacket for only $169 is a pretty sweet deal!
  9. myspacewinter gives you free shipping, including sale items, if that helps any :smile:
  10. Thanks, aznanjl! I just took a chance on the Rizzo jacket and a couple of dresses. The jacket doesn't say non-returnable, so hopefully if it doesn't fit I can send it back.
  11. Has anyone bought clothing from them before? I'm interested in a few of the dresses but I'm not sure of the sizing. ie: if their garments tend to run small or large.
  12. I used to order two silk shirts from them and their sizes ran large.

  13. hey mockinglee -
    jandelvis mentioned that it's not quite 75% off, so think the Rizzo is returnable. I would doublecheck w/Salina at HH just to be on the safe side. It does look like a beauty!
    keep us posted.
    Happy New Year!
  14. Well, I couldn't stand it...I ordered the Stella. Looks usable and stylish and it came in an XS, and I kept putting it in and taking it out of my cart at almost twice that price during the last sale. Free shipping just put it over the top (Thanks, aznanjl)!