Hayden-Harnett Sample Sale

  1. Hey guys, it's true I should have put this in the deals and steals section...

    hayden-harnett is having a sample sale wednesday through friday 12-7 AND ONLINE TOO!!! :yahoo:

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories
  2. how do you access the sample sale online?
  3. Good buys...I just picked up a Black Lorca luxe. Cute bag! TY!
  4. thanks for the info...!
  5. Just bought the chocolate Lorca and the white, too. The poppy is very cute, but two of the same bag is enough! Great deal. Oh - the Thalia is Patinum is gorgious if you need a large bag.:P
  6. There's not much stuff online...did anyone get to go to the showroom sample sale in Manhattan yesterday or today? Would love to get a havana hobo and a lorac demi...but not sure if there's anything left since it started yesterday? Thanks...=)
  7. I just bought a clip on tassel!!!!!!! LOL
  8. ha ha ha:roflmfao: Me too!! I got 3 of them!!! :yahoo:
  9. ^^^Damn! I should have bought more! I just got a black one! What did you get? Did you ever buy them before? They are probably cute (I hope!).
  10. Does anyone like the Mercer in Poppy? I'm thinking about it.....
  11. ^^^Yes~ I like it! I just bought the Nico in black! I am tempted to buy another Nico in this poppy color. The price is so good! I would love to know if anyone has a HH bag in this color and what they think!
  12. I like the Nico - but it looks HUGE. Are you tall? I love the color! What are you going to do?
  13. I guess I'm kinda tall! With my platforms I am 5.7"- 5.8".
  14. The bags look great! I like the mercer one as well. I've always wanted a red bag. It's just hard to tell from the website what kind of red it is (My first post here, :biggrin:)