hayden harnett sample sale 4/10-4/12

  1. Up to 80% off retail at the sample sale of Hayden-Harnett, 330 W. 38th [8th/9th] Suite 503 212.564.3720. Dress, jackets, jewelry, and bags. The Ana Frame leather bag was $325, now $150. April 10-12, 11-7.
    I wonder if it will also be online? At the last sample sale, the very helpful clerks said there was a very long line of people when he arrived at work. It was a madhouse. I went after work on the first day and there weren't any bags left. There were lots of clothes.
  2. you're getting me all excited, creighbaby! :nuts: I wouldn't want to miss this one! Thanks!
  3. wahhhhhhhhhhhh I wish I was still in NY :cry:
  4. Thanks Creighbaby! How did you hear about this? I joined their mailing list, and I didn't even hear anything.
  5. a friend sent it to me. I'm also on the HH mailing list and didn't get an email.
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :smile:
  7. I saw in timeout New York that the sale will also be online. However, the magazine didn't list a special URL.
  8. OH, NO-o-o-oh!!!! You shouldn't have told me-now I am going to have to sit on my hands!!!:yes:
  9. Thanks for the info. That would be great if it's online as well.
    I entered this url - http://haydenharnett.com/samplesale/
    & found this -
    On-Line Sample Sale: April 10,11,&12th, 2007. More details coming soon!

    © 2007 hayden-harnett

    I can't wait !!!!! The last one was FABULOUS !!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! My husband will just HAVE to understand.
  12. See attachment for the flyer!
  13. I am so there! How current are the styles usually for sample sales? I'm dying for a Havana, or the Suki!
  14. They sell bags used for photo shoots so they're usually pretty current.
  15. Yessssssssss! Thank you creighbaby - I'm not breaking a purseban if I'm buying gifts or if the bf buys right? :yes: