Hayden-Harnett Salina Questions


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Apr 20, 2006
Lenox & Phipps
I've been eyeing the unique Salina for some time, and some of the colors are on sale now so they are very reasonable. My questions, for anyone who has one:

1) How long is the strap? Can it be shortened to hand-carry length?

2) How well does the drawstring closure work, for keeping your stuff in?

3) Like it? Love it? Not so much? Tell me...

Thanks! :yes:


Dec 27, 2006
I have the anthropologie version, without the tassels/grommets, but I believe the rest of the bag is quite similar to the salina pouch on the HH site.

1. Strap length can be upto 25" long, so drop length would be half of that. It comes with the strap length about 23"

2. Drawstring closure works well for me, but I do close both sides, so it takes longer (I guess you could close/open just one and leave the other partially closed all the time). I have even not drawn the drawstrings all the way closed and it's been fine, because the bag is deep enough

3. I love it - the color is a real change for me (basic and boring browns and blacks, with a splash of green,pink, and navy here and there). It's one of my smaller bags, but it works well. My only issue is that the strap is rolled, and I think my shoulders work best with 1-1.5 inch unrolled straps. So I do have to occasionally pull the bag up on my shoulder...


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Apr 14, 2006
Midwest USA
I was thinking of getting the one is Amethyst....but nice to know about the strap, especially I am one of those woman blessed with a narrow shoulder and wide hips!:Push:
Bra straps, double handle handbags...they tend to roll off my shoulder easily...