Hayden Harnett Salina Pouch

  1. I ordered this Hayden Harnett Salina Pouch in pewter, and have been looking forward to it arriving all week long! It came tonight! There have been so many raves about H-H's more popular bags, but haven't found a review/pics of the Salina pouch... so here they are!

    Leather - soft soft leather! The pewter color is beautiful! In some lights (like with flash), it looks silvery, in dimmer lighting it looks like it has some goldish specks to it... I guess that's why it's called Pewter. :p This color strikes me as being durable and easy to take care of!

    Details - the grommets/studs are a nice touch - not too overwhelming, but enough to elevate it from being too plain. The front zip pocket is handy, and there's an interior zipped pocket along with two non-zipped pockets (the usual for cell phone/other small items). This bag comes with a luggage tag - cute! The size is smaller than I thought, definitely smaller than today's huge unstructured bags, but that makes it cute. It fits well over the shoulder. The lining is a nice patterned fabric.

    I've been on a "find me a drawstring bag" kick lately, and this fit the bill. However, I'm not sure I'll keep this... only because I've recently looked at my patterns of buying/liking, and I've realized that I prefer more structured bags. I think they compliment my body shape and style better. But, I keep going back and forth with this one. I got this during H-H's Winter Sale for $190 (down from $275). The sale is over now.

    (please excuse my pj pants in the pics...)
    hhSalinaMain.JPG hhSalinaDetail.JPG hhSalinaInside.JPG hhSalinaModel1.JPG hhSalinaModel2.JPG
  2. congrats on your new bag! Love the color. H-H bags have become my faves. The leather is so buttery and what a fantastic price for the quality.