Hayden-Harnett Salina Pouch

  1. I recently ordered Hayden Harnett's Salina Pouch in pewter, and have been looking forward to it arriving all week long! It came tonight! There have been so many raves about H-H's more popular bags, but haven't found a review/pics of the Salina pouch... so here they are!

    Leather - soft soft leather! The pewter color is beautiful! In some lights (like with flash), it looks silvery, in dimmer lighting it looks like it has some goldish specks to it... I guess that's why it's called Pewter. :p This color strikes me as being durable and easy to take care of!

    Details - the grommets/studs are a nice touch - not too overwhelming, but enough to elevate it from being too plain. The front zip pocket is handy, and there's an interior zipped pocket along with two non-zipped pockets (the usual for cell phone/other small items). This bag comes with a luggage tag - cute! The size is smaller than I thought, definitely smaller than today's huge unstructured bags, but that makes it cute. It fits well over the shoulder. The lining is a nice patterned fabric.

    I've been on a "find me a drawstring bag" kick lately, and this fit the bill. However, I'm not sure I'll keep this... only because I've recently looked at my patterns of buying/liking, and I've realized that I prefer more structured bags. I think they compliment my body shape and style better. But, I keep going back and forth with this one. I got this during H-H's Winter Sale for $190 (down from $275), and the sale is over now. I think I got a great deal for a bag this nice, but on the other hand I've had my eye on an LV... hmmmm... what to do?

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics! (please excuse my pink pj pants...)
    hhSalinaMain.JPG hhSalinaDetail.JPG hhSalinaModel1.JPG hhSalinaModel2.JPG
  2. Whoops, double thread...

    There's another thread above this one that has the same title, w/ an additional pic... please post comments to that thread! Thanks!
  3. Wow, hard decison. I have never been a drawstring lover. I also like some structure, and if not structure, a large enought pouch to root around in. I Love HH bags and this one is darling on you. I was going to give it a hands down just because of functionality but when I saw it on you, it really goes with your physique so well. You got it on a great sale. Beware trying to sell on eBay tho. I've been trying to unload an HH with 3 attempts and no bites. I'm even trying to sell it less than my sale price by 50 bucks. But then again, if you just got it, would HH accept a return on a sale item? Not sure.
  4. Thanks, Lexie! I should have mentioned that since I got it today, there is a 14 day return policy (I think...). So I guess I have some time to decide.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts... I find it hard to look at myself (and what I'm wearing) with an objective eye. So you really think it "matches" me? Hmmm... this IS going to be a hard decision. :smile:
  5. Ok, this is a double thread, and since I'm not sure which thread will be closed by a mod (hopefully), I'm going to add one more pic to this thread to show the bag's lining.
  6. Cute lining!
  7. MangoWife...
    The bag does look great on you. It's proportional to your body so it doesn't look too big or too small. Now I can't say for sure but I think it will even look better without the Pajama bottoms. Maybe you'll start a whole new Trend. "Purses and Pajamas". Maybe the Mods will add a sub forum...LOLOL

    Have to ask...did you get you name from the SNL skit Mango??? If so.... I LOVE it!
  8. Lexie, I feel like I should take modeling pics of all my bags, to get your opinion! :yes:

    I've had this screenname (or a variation of it, depending on my stage in life - I wasn't always a wife :rolleyes: ) before Mango from SNL came out. I came up with the name for a simple reason - I :heart: mangos! But I love Mango from SNL too! My friends and I had a ball mimicking Mango! Can't touch the Mango!

    Chris Kattan is so funny... I liked his Mr. Peepers character too. I love silly stuff that makes me laugh!
  9. Mangowife --I have the same bag in pewter, too. Got it a couple of months ago and I really like the color and softness of the bag. It's a great casual bag for me. I think it looks great on you but you ultimately have to be happy with it.
  10. ^ Ooo, glad to meet someone else who has this bag. :smile:

    I'm still undecided, but I did decide that H-H's model must've been really tiny. The Salina looks pretty substantial on the model!

  11. ... or maybe the model bag is just stuffed...
  12. It's something you have to take in consideration on most sites. Active Endeavor and Shopbop seem to have alot of ultra thin models who skew the perception of the bag's true size. Gotta remember that "Real" women who buy and wear these bags are size 2...LOLOL
    It's one of my biggest peeves. Let us see what that bag looks like on a women that weighs 120lbs and a women who weighs 175lb and a women who weighs 250lbs. Then we have a clear idea of what we are buying and what size it really is.....But this is a whole other subject.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. ITA. I really like the Salina bag, but haven't bought it yet because I suspect the strap is too short - I'm afraid it would be an armpit bag on me.

    mangowife, thank you for posting real-life pics - it looks great on you! The pewter truly is gorgeous, and I've also been eyeing the amethyst.
  15. It is cute.