Hayden-Harnett Salina Pouch in Cranberry $99.95 at Anthropologie

  1. Anthropologie -

    And the Hudson satchel at $249.95:
    Anthropologie -

    There are other HH bags and some other desginer bags such as Ananas and Shih, etc. Just check out their sale section. :yes:
  2. That's a good deal. If it were in a different color, I might have gone for it. Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks very much! I've been waiting for an Ananas bag to go on sale but hadn't checked recently. I just ordered it and used a gift card and store credit to reduce the price even further. Here's the link to the bag I just ordered:

    Anthropologie -
  4. Wow, that IS a great deal! But the pic doesn't show any of the grommet & leather detailing that the Salina from HH has... is this a more plain version?
  5. For some reason, they are showing the plain side as the front. If you click on the back, you can see the grommet detail. I acturally would prefer it without the detail.
  6. ^ Agreed. I've had enough of the whole grommet thing.
  7. ;)
    Oh, that is so funny! I wonder why they would do that. I also don't prefer tons of grommet details, but IMO the Salina is too plain without it. I have this in pewter and the grommets are just enough, but not too much. This is a great deal, I bought mine for almost twice that much!
  8. I love that satchel! Is that the Smoke Blue color?