Hayden Harnett sale

  1. http://haydenharnett.com/?action=special_offer

    HH has many items marked down. Although some are not such great deals, there are definitely some good ones (e.g., Rizzo motorcycle jacket 169, Pastis Satchel 163, Ramone demi bag 127, ruby Havana Hobo 214).
  2. Does anyone have any codes? I may get a Marlowe bag, I've always kinda wanted one, but only if the price is really right. :yes:
  3. THANK YOU! I've been dying for a Pastis bag and didn't think I would find one at a discount so I bought a Vargas at the sample sale which just isn't me. Now I can sell that one and get the Pastis. I wish it was the frame bag but the satchel is cute, especially for $163.
  4. thanks citychris for the post! i got a Fae dress in purple and the Rizzo jacket! the leather looks fantastic and its still returnable since it's only 74% off (not 75 which would make it final sale).
  5. ps -somebody PLEASE get the bettina dress in the floral print for a STEAL! i paid much more and it remains one of my favorite dresses and gets the most compliments when i'm out. also, the Edie sheath dress in the geo print is another great deal. people also rave about this dress. i wore it for a gift exchange over the weekend. The Edie runs true to size IMO, the Bettina a bit big.
  6. This sale started yesterday! They didn't send out an email so I'm guessing it's a surprise for everyone?? Some were already expecting it though!
  7. Thanks citychris!

    Has anyone seen the Rizzo IRL? I just can't tell what the color would look like -- is it true metallic bronze, or just a hint of it?
    Oh how I wish the Bardot were on sale for that price!! (And I swear I had a dream about an HH sale last night, though everything was 67% off; yes, I might think about bags just a bit too much.)

    Jandelvis -- after you said that, I took a look at the Bettina again and all the smalls are apparently sold out : ( It does look great though; I should have bought it back in the summer sales.
  8. Does anyone have the Stella overcoat???
    Your thoughts?
    OR has anyone seen this coat and your thoughts?
    jandelvis - took a look-see at the Bettina, it's adorable. Too bad that don't have it in XS!
  9. You can use the rock2007 code for 15% off. If you're interested in the eggplant Marlowe, Luna Boston has marked it down to $295 and you could use the code grechen for an additional 20% off.

    There are also other HH bags on sale at Luna Boston.

    jandelvis - Thanks for pointing out that the Rizzo is returnable. The jacket looks gorgeous but I'm not sure how metallic the bronze would look and am not sure if a S or M would fit better.
  10. I agree that the Bronze is questionable. i put it in and out of my cart 3 times before i realized it wasn't final sale. if it's too metallic i'm going to send it back. I'm hoping it's just a shimmer which would make it really amazing i think!
  11. i haven't seen the Stella but it looks AMAZING. if i had more opportunities to wear a dress coat (if i drove, or lived in a slightly warmer climate) i would totally get it!
  12. Guess ROCK2007 doesn't work on sale items? Anyone have a code to save on shipping? It kills me to buy something cheaper and spend so much on shipping. Thanks :smile:
  13. Not aware of any free shipping codes unfortunately :sad: