Hayden Harnett Sale! ...30-70% off... 1/23-2-3

  1. There is free shipping on all purchases too! The mimi and louvre look like really good deals at $105 and $112!
  2. Rats, I can't get on their site - I'm just getting a blank page. Are any of the clutch wallets on sale?
  3. i can't get on either! :sad:
  4. me neither. This seems to happen with every sale they have!
  5. Oh this sucks! I have been waiting forever for another sale & I can't get on either!

  6. I can't get on either!
  7. How Asinine!!! Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just posted on another thread....thought I was the only one in this boat. How obnoxious....like a big warm oozy chocolate chip cookie sitting on the counter when you are trying to just stick with your double espresso sans milk and sugar.....!!!!!!!
  9. OH my goodness....I think I am going to bust.
    I was on their site this morning looking at the Beatrice (again!!!!). I have a white one but really want another...I love it that much. THis is insane.....
    has anyone tried to call?
    I am prepared to get in my car and drive to Brooklyn at this rate....
  10. Argggggggggh!@!!!
  11. still broken :shrugs:
  12. :whistle:
  13. grr trying to get on, i think their site might be down? let me on!!!
  14. and i thought i was the only one having a problem getting on their site!