Hayden Harnett Reference Pictures and Notes for Fall 2006/Spring 2007

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  1. Mercer Clutches continued:

    (L-R): Amethyst, Chalk, Currant, Grey, Ink

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  2. Mercer Clutches continued...

    (L-R): Metallic Linen, Pewter, Iznik Yellow, Lead (Fall '07 color)

    It was also made in Coral and Elephant Grey, but I couldn't find pictures. Elephant Grey was available at the debut of the Fall '07 line, but disappeared quickly, so it might be a rare find.

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  3. Le Louvre:
    The Louvre has been made in five colors: plum, olive, chocolate, saddle and black. The bag can be carried as a satchel or worn as a cross-body, foldover bag. Depending on what one is wearing and the size of one's shoulder, it can also be carried as a shoulder bag. Dimensions are 19"L x 14 1/4"H x 2"W, but the width is measured at the bottom and the mouth of the bag is much smaller. The small opening means the Louvre would probably not be a good laptop bag. The messenger strap is detachable. Magnets at the top of the arch of the bag keep the top of the bag together. The front pocket has a strap on the front, but it stays shut using a magnet. The linings are cotton Paule Marrot prints. The Louvre has one interior zipper pocket, a key hook, and two smaller pockets on the opposite side. The full retail price is $449, but the

    Pros: beautiful, unique design. A whole lot of smooshy, soft leather to love but the bag is not heavy. Versatility in that it can be a satchel or a foldover messenger.

    Cons: Depending on your size, the Louvre can be uncomfortable to carry as a shoulder bag, as the arch under the handle can go right into your armpit. The soft leather may scratch easily. The cross-body strap is not adjustable.

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  4. Here's a small pic of the Mercer clutch in Coral, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

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  5. The Beatrice:
    The Beatrice debuted in early 2007, as part of the Paule Marrot collection. It's a bowling/Muse shaped satchel, with hooks on the side that can be attached to pull up the sides of the bag. The top handles are not adjustable, but the bag fits comfortably over the shoulder. The bag was originally available in two floral prints: saddle with red floral and chalk with green floral, and in solid chocolate, saddle and chalk leather. The original version of the bag measures 16 1/2"L x 11 3/4"H x 3 1/2" (there's a bigger version out now, see next post). The inside of the bag is lined in a the same Paule Marrot canvas print as the floral bags: red for the saddle and green for the chalk. I do not know which color lining is in the chocolate bags. The Beatrice has an outside pocket with a zipper, inside has a zippered pocket, key hook and two open pockets.

    Pros: holds a ton, the side hooks can be opened to make more room. Paule Marrot print is distinctive and beautiful. Leather is very soft.

    Cons: Due to all the hardware, this is the heaviest Hayden Harnett bag the forum posters have found, weighing almost 3 lbs empty. Leather can scratch easily.

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  6. The Beatrice, continued:
    for Fall 2007 Hayden Harnett introduced a larger size and more colors. HH's own website keeps listing different sizes for these bags, so it's exactly clear which ones are the original 16 1/2"L x 11 3/4"H x 3 1/2" and which are the new, larger 21 1/2"L x 14"H x 4 1/2"D ones. Today, October 2, the red floral, which was previously always sold out, is now showing as available in the larger size. Hayden Harnett also added 3 new colors: a Paule Marrot harlequin print canvas/leather bag, a black leather with harlequin lining, and a brandy leather with red and blue lining. The harlequin is listed at the larger size, but the brandy and black aren't.

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  7. The Lorca luxe: The leather versions are the same as the Lorca but with a woven top panel. The luggage was a limited edition in summer of 2006. I've never seen the fabric version in the last two pictures on eBay or in real life, but it was on the HH site last year.

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  9. The Inka Big Clip Hobo

    It measures 11"w x 12.5"h x 3"d. Inside, one zippered wall pocket, and on the opposite side three slip pockets with one of the pockets larger than the other two (in width). On the back outside, a zippered pocket; on the front under the flap, a slip pocket.

    The chalk and cobalt bags came with a floral silk lining. The other linings are either tan, brown, or black colored cotton material with the HH logo woven into the material.

    Left to right

    The Inka sandwich - top to bottom: Black, Cobalt, Olive, Chocolate, Saddle, Plum, and Chalk

    Saddle and Plum


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  10. The Inka Big Clip Hobo, continued

    Correction on linings: The chalk Inka has the flowered silky lining, as shown, and the cobalt has a blue silky lining with a flowing HH script imprint in a lighter shade of blue (both photos found on the Internet - if you recognize one of these as being yours, please let me know).

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    Who's the lady in charge of updating / starting this yrs version of pictures and notes ?

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  13. great point - i'll start one but would like some help! any takers?
  14. i'll help! there are a few HH "picture" threads but they are so muddy with chat you may have to go through several pages before seeing a photo... maybe we can start a PICTURES ONLY thread and be really good about not commenting... what do you think?
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