Hayden Harnett Reference Pictures and Notes for Fall 2006/Spring 2007

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  1. The Ana also came in plaid versions -
    i) Black Tweed with patent leather
    ii) Oversized Plaid with chocolate leather (thanks iluvshopping for the photo)
    iii) Tweed with chalk leather.

    This bag doesn't photograph very well - but most people who have received the bag have agreed that the look stunning IRL. The quirky design choices work amazingly together.

    (The style of the bag is the same as for the leather Ana - which GUNG has described beautifully above)

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  2. Gaza Satchel

    This is THE bag that drew my attention to Hayden Harnett. Some adore this bag, some hate it; I LOVE it.

    Highlights: When you're like me and you carry around all kinds of miscellaneous crap like ciggies, lighter, Ipod, cell phone, makeup bag, compact mirror, coin purse, bottle or Purell, small bottle of lotion, wallet, bottle of water, planner, and a book (or two), then the Gaza is like a dream come true. Countless pockets adorn the front, as well as a very roomy rear pocket. Netting, pockets and more inside the bag provide even more organization. The bag can fit a laptop or college sized notebook.

    The bag is made of super durable leather that is at the same time very supple and soft

    Downfalls: On those days when you are not carrying everything you own with you, the Gaza is not very practical. I feel foolish when I am carrying the bare neccesities like cell, wallet, and a bit of makeup in this bag.

    The bag can get heavy, but only if you fill it to the brim like I do!



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  3. Here are interior and exterior pics of my Gaza satchel

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  4. gung, thanks for the thoughts on salina! the only thing i want to add is that it actually holds a lot...i put my pda, wallet, makeup case, keys, cell phone, mints, pens and pencils in it in addition to a small "school kit" i use to teach...and it doesn't look "bulky" with all of these items in it...i wonder why they don't use the same quality leather as in the other bags...
  5. I forgot to put Bittersweet in the Gaza pics, so here they are again, corrected

    So, in order from the first Gaza pic to the last, the colors are Bark, Prune, Taupe, Fir, and Bittersweet


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  6. Here's my take on the Salina Pouch...The bag is light and the leather while thinner, is absolutely gorgeous! I can't imagine adding the intricate grommets and detailing to a thicker leather such as the Havana. The bag is deceptive...everything that I carry in my Havana, I carry in it. And the drawstrings....leave em open, there is plenty of "play" with those and the bag looks great opened, closed or somewhere in between. I have it in Amethyst and Chalk.
  7. A few more Salina pics: pewter, poppy and chalk...

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  8. Presenting Mlle/Madame (Glamaruth would know for sure) Margot Kiss Kiss. Certainly one of HH's funkier purses and a handbag in the true sense of the word. This is another one of those purses that photos don't do justice for.

    Probably not for everyday wear - but rises to the special occasion and looks fab perched on the arm - or poised elegantly on the table (she keeps her shape perfectly).

    The kiss kiss consists of two compartments which fasten with a kiss-lock and one that zips closed. Not copious by any means (think the capacity of 3 clutch purses) - she never the less is able to accommodate with the essentials (hard glasses case, wallet, keys, phone, pack of cards, small make up pouch etc.)

    I have the wood grain version - and was absolutely thrilled when I first saw it irl. The straps and the kiss lock compartments are made of thick leather; the zipped compartment has the same tweed as the front of the purse; and the lining is sumptuous. The design elements work really well together. Others who have the black patent kiss kiss were equally thrilled with purses. The tweed from the woodgrain and black kiss kisses are the same as for the plaid anas.

    BUT - big caveat - one thing to be very careful about - is the patent leather on the wood grain kiss kiss. A lot of people reported that it was 'sticky' - to a varying degree. The woodgrain on mine still feels slightly sticky to the touch after a couple of months of being in the open air. I feel that it something that I can live with because it is just a small area of trim. However, it seems like others had a much worse case of stickiness. It is definitely something to check before buying.

    So without further ado - please allow me to present to you

    Patent Black Margot Kiss Kiss (thanks to cciele for the photo)
    Chocolate Linen Margot Kiss Kiss
    Woodgrain Patent Leather Margot Kiss Kiss (thanks jandelvis for the photos)

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  9. ^^Just wanted to let you know the black Kiss Kiss is not patent leather. And I can take some standalone photos of the bag if anyone likes :smile:
  10. Since there a so many HH purple shades around - I thought that these great photos posted by mama2anangel would be good to add to the library -

    comparing Gaza Hobo in prune, Mercer TC in currant, Salina in amethyst.. (unfortunately no plum!)

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  11. But here is daniela127's havana in plum - which should help with the comparison - thanks tonij2000 for the tip!

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  12. I think the hudson triple strap comes in a new red-dish color now. Anyway, thanks for this...great to see it all in one place!
  13. The HH Thalia Drawstring Bucket(my favorite HH bag!)


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  14. Mercer Triple Satchel in vintage black, Salina (Anthropologie version) in currant, Lorcas in saddle and olive, Havana Hobo in Saddle:

    Lorcas (olive and saddle):

    Gaza Luxe Hobo in Fir:
  15. Since the Mercer Clutch is my favorite HH bag, I hope no one minds if I go ahead and post them.

    Description: Part of the Mercer line, so made of the same soft leather as the Nico and Triple Compartment Satchel. Day-to-evening bag, about the size of a notebook (approx. 9" x 12" x 2"). Comes with a matching luggage tag. Cotton fabric lining. Chain strap detaches on one end and can be tucked into the bag.

    Pros: Though it's classified as a clutch, it's larger size makes it able to hold a lot more than other clutches. Perfect bag for going day-to-night. Can be worn in a variety of ways: Over the shoulder, held by the belt-handle, in the crook of the arm, or folded over under the arm.

    Cons: The belt handle has magnets that hold them together, but there's no real closure on the bag. Some have reported mismatched leather quality on panels, especially on luggage clutches

    Colors: (L-R) Black, Blush, Limited Edition Kimono Print w/Blue Croc trim, Luggage, Chocolate

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