hayden harnett question

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    (picture from eBay)Does that chain on the right come with the bag or is it sold seperately. I couldn't find it anywhere on the HH site. I'm guessing it's just discontinued?

  2. On my lorca, it came with it. The tassel is separate though. I love the chain and I use it as a bracelet sometimes.
  3. yeah i don't really like the tassel. there was no mention of the chain in the lorca description and it wasn't in any of the pictures. i think maybe it only came with the original ones. =(
  4. I've got the chain with a couple of my bags.
  5. I got the chain with some of my older HH's also.
  6. which ones? I just ordered the suki, but I don't think it comes with the chain. But I think it gives the bag that little something extra. I did see it with the ana.
  7. Each bag comes with some little trinket...so far I think they have been luggage tag, chain, or HH medallion.
  8. Aw! I wonder what the medallion looks like. I got the luggage tag with my mercer clutch and the chain with my lorca.
  9. I think this is the medallion, as seen on the front of the Bernadin Day bag. IMO, the luggage tag is the best one.

  10. what does the suki come with... if anything?
  11. Suki looks like it has a chain, on the pics on the HH website.
  12. didn't come with anything. booo. i'm disappointed. love the bag but really wanted it with the chain!!!
  13. That chain came with my Ana and my Havana Hobo (both purchased this summer). The hobo also came with the tassle (and I didn't have to pay extra for it!)