Hayden Harnett Question

  1. Hi
    Just discovered HH thanks to you all. I indulged in two Gaza Hobo's (bittersweet & taupe) and the Mercer Triple C Stachel in luggage. I absolutely LOVE the look and incredibly soft leather of the Mercer, however, I cannot tolerate that the bag falls open when one strap falls off my shoulder.

    Can you all tell me which HH styles and colors have the softest leather? I noticed that the Gaza bittersweet is not nearly as soft as the taupe.

  2. I have the taupe gaza and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's soft but still structured somewhat.... that one is my favorite of my HH bags!
  3. I think the Nico XX is unanimously the softest HH bag, although I don't own it :crybaby:
    I have a Havana in plum and it's pretty soft too, but the leather is thicker on the Havana as compared to the Nico.
  4. My Havanas, Thalia, and Suki all have very soft leather.

    FYI, the fall 07 version of the Mercer Satchel uses a different type of leather, which is not as soft but is more structured, so the sides do not fall apart when you put it down. When I first saw it at Luna Boston I wondered if it was bigger but I think it's just because it holds it's shape better that it looks bigger.
  5. My Lorca has soft and smooshy leather, though if you read in the other threads, there are lots of complaints about the consistency of the Lorca leather. I do wonder if the Fall 2007 Lorcas will have different leather.
  6. My Salina in Amethyst is incredibly soft! When I set it down it actually has no form to it and just lays over. It is definitely the softest bag that I have! My Nomade Drawstring in Bittersweet is much more structured with a couple of different types of leather. It retains its form at all times but I have only used it on a couple of occasions so that may change with more use. The magnet on the Nomade is not as strong as I would like as the bag does not stay closed at all times. Other than that, I love their bags and look forward to adding a few more. Even another Salina would be nice!
  7. I was thinking about the Salina in luggage. It's really cute, I'm just wondering if I'll be able to see what I'm looking for easily. I generally buy bags that are wider and less tall. Do you have any problem finding things.
  8. I have a Salina in chalk and I love it! If I need the top to be secure, I just pull the drawstrings very tight. Otherwise I keep them pulled in about 1/2 way - that still lets me dig in there and find what I need but keeps everything inside when I set the bag down,too. I've never had a problem finding anything....
  9. Thanks for the info. Just submitted a best offer that was accepted for the salina in luggage. The drawstring was my other worry - is it annoying and would it be secure enough given I live in NYC where I have been picked a couple of times. :wtf:
  10. I normally don't care for drawstrings... but I like this one. It's easy enought to pull in and keep tight and doesn't get in the way. I definitely give this bag :tup:!
  11. I have 3 HH's and have fondled a few more at my local department store. I've found the Beatrice Satchel to be the softest, smoshiest leather of all time.
    Of the 3 I own I'd say the Mercer Stachel in luggage is the softest. The Nomade Drawstring in Fir is the most structured in leather and design.
  12. I have a Beatrice and I think it's soft, but so is the old washed Mercer satchel. I think the Beatrice has the same leather as the Louvre, that's another really soft one.
  13. i love my salina in amethyst and agree that if i want to find things easily i keep it open 1/2 way, otherwise i pull the drawstrings closer...the leather is amazing!
  14. I have Salinas, Inkas, the Triple Strap, the Triple-Compartment, the Havana, several clutch wallets, and a couple of carry-alls.

    ALL have soft velvety TDF leather except the Triple Strap - and that is a very nice leather as well, just not as soft and velvety as the rest. The cobalt Inka that I have is a more 'finished' leather (which I'm sure is part of the coloring process for this particular color) but is still such a soft velvet-like leather I'm surprised every time I touch it.

    I think some of it is in the finishing process - you've already noticed the difference between bittersweet and taupe - but the Nomades seem to be a breed unto their own - I had a Nomade for a very brief time before I sent it back - too weird for me (besides being WAY too big).
  15. The Nico has supremely soft leather. It almost feels like a fleece blanket. I have a pewter Mercer clutch as well and it's amazingly soft for a metallic leather.