Hayden Harnett Presidents Sale Goodies!! POST PICS!

  1. Okay Ladies and Gents!!

    I thought it might be fun to post pics of all of the goodies we've scored from the Hayden Harnett Presidents Day Sale!! :yahoo:

    I'll start...

    Gaza Luxe Leather Satchel in Bittersweet!! :heart: $239.20 and free shipping!!:tup:

  2. wow that's a great bag, it looks fantastic on you!
  3. Great idea! Love the Gaza, too.
  4. ^LOL, thats an HH model:yes: but it does look great, I agree!

    So, I bought the Ink Blue Mercer


    and re-bought(!) the Gaza Satchel in Prune

    and I bought a few of those super cute leather coin purses!
  5. love that ink.... Congrat's on all the purchases :smile:
  6. Anybody who bought the Thalia, please post pictures, so I can at least admire it from afar. I missed out on that, I'm so bummed. :sad:
  7. I had a $100 Amazon gift certificate, so I went through Amazon and bought the Gaza satchel in taupe. I wanted the prune, but it was sold out.
  8. The Gaza looks so practical, like it can hold a ton....but are there too many pockets? I can just see myself rifling through every pocket looking for my ringing phone!
  9. True, but I am a writer and I envision myself carrying the Gaza tote and looking like I am intrepid and investigative and ultra-cool.

  10. i actually think one of it's benefits is the pocket count and placement, and that the pockets are differently sized! with the Nico, since all 4 pockets are symmetrical + identical and not marked, i end up frantically digging and via Murphy's law, my phone is always in the last pocket i check. however with the Gaza, you can just have a system where you always put your ph. in the same pocket.
  11. The Prune Gaza is gorgeous too!! I actually fell in love:heart: with this bag from your original post! I remember you saying that you could fit your laptop and a bunch of other things in this bag and that it had pockets on the inside as well... I'm so excited to get it!!:yahoo: I actually went back and forth between the Bittersweet and the Prune a few weeks ago when it was full price... There are so many other purple bags I like and not very many chocolate ones right now so I thought the Bittersweet would be a good choice... Either way... glad I waited because it was such an amazing deal!!

    P.S. Glad you haven't completely left the HH lovers club for RM...:flowers:
  12. the Bittersweet is an incredibly wonderful and aptly named brown... it looks like melted Hershey bars. it's a knockout brown - you're gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks! I love your description! I think I love it even more! I actually have the Nico too and like you I always manage to have my phone in the last of the 4 pockets I check! LOL! Hopefully this bag will help me be a little more organized...
  14. I will let y'all know how I like the taupe Gaza. I REALLY wanted prune, but waited too late. I liked the fir, but I have a Louvre in almost that color. I went with the taupe, thinking it looked most 'investigative reporter on the hunt of a story in an exotic location.'
  15. Perfect for stylish sleuthing!! I can't wait to see the taupe!!