Hayden-Harnett President's Day Sale

  1. These prices remind me of the old HH sales we all loved.

    A $76 lorca, the marlowes are $150.

    I grabbed the Sonia tote and a marlowe but may go back for more.
  2. I loaded up on coin purses and finally ordered a Luna trench dress!!
  3. I snagged a Thalia Drawstring in Chalk. $106!!!!
  4. I grabbed the white Lorca. This will be my first Hayden-Harnett bag. :yahoo:
  5. great deals on some of the older stuff. too bad i already have most of them! i did pick up a few kitten bracelets. trying to only buy stuff i love and not buy it just b/c it's on sale. it's tough!
  6. Dont get me wrong...I love HH and have two of their bags, but I would NEVER buy any of their bag at full price as they seem to have a sale on most of the time.
  7. I grabbed a white lorca, too! I love my blush one.

    Update: went back and grabbed the keyfob to match, too. Those sold out quick!
  8. Let's see...I got the sunglass case, key fob and a coin purse for me and both daughters, plum, black and olive!
  9. I may have to grab the sunglasses case. Great deal.
  10. Also, for those who recieved the $20 off coupon code a little while ago that was supposedly only valid until yesterday, I tried it and it did work so I basically got a kitten bracelet for free :tup:. We'll see if the order actually goes through though...
  11. I ordered the ruby clutch/wallet at 4:45pm and saw this thread at 4:55pm! I called and the person I spoke to said it wouldn't be a problem to take off the $10 shipping but I have to call back on Tuesday when someone who can make that change is in the office.
  12. Darn, I didn't think of that! Hope it works for you :smile:
  13. Wow thanks!!! I've never had one of their bags and I just bought two white ones (Lorca and Thalia). I think I may have to go back for more too. Great prices.
  14. I wanted a keyfob and put it in my cart, but made the mistake of going back to look at more stuff. Now they're gone! Sniff, sniff :sad: