Hayden Harnett Presidents Day Sale Free Ship!

  1. Wow some good deals - someone grab that Lorca in white for $72.00!
  2. i did! lol. i couldnt resist.
  3. OMG their sale prices are better on this sale then they were on the last huge one! Hudsons, Gaza's, and other handbags are a lot cheaper! The Nico, Thalia, and Mercer bags are under $200....

    I got the Thalia in white for $106!! AND the louvre coin purse in plum, and the mercer sunglass case!!! They had it at their last sale but it was 35, and now $20! I'm glad I waited!
  4. Damn that Lorca went quick! And I missed a small luciana by 1 min! In my cart one minute and gone the next! BooHoo!!! I am so on a ban anyways so I don't even know why I looked!