Hayden Harnett, Post Pics Here please, Yay!!!

  1. For us HH newbies, I thought it would be a good idea if we had pics and descriptions in one place so it could be used as a reference. They have so many gorgeous styles and wonderful colors...It's like a smorgasboard and I can't seem to get enough!
  2. Toni, that's a great idea. I've bumped up the Hayden-Harnett Loot Thread so we don't have yet another HH thread - I do think us Hayden-Harnett Hos are taking over ...:yes:
  3. Here's my beloved HH Gaza Luxe Satchel in Bittersweet..I bought it in Fir too. I had a Lucie clutch, but my sister stole it! :nuts: I let her...And I have a Havana Hobo on the way. :heart:
  4. My Hudson Triple Strap Satchel in Smoke Blue
    HHHudsonTSS.jpg HHHudson Model1.jpg HHHudson Model2.jpg
  5. Here's my triple strap in Vachetta

  6. Does anyone have pictures of the Mimi and the Big Mimi?
  7. Here is a photo of the olive Mimi which started a buying frenzy once Lionlaw posted it.

    I think that jandelvis has a mimi - but am not sure if she has posted photos of it ??

    I love your triple strap hudson BTW. May I ask - is it a heavy purse to carry around?
  8. I don't think it is heavy at all. The leather is nice and lightweight. It's a great bag!

    I'm debating between the Olive Suede Mimi and the Big Mimi in White right now. I love them both! Thanks for the help!
  9. i have been SO bad about posting pics lately. here are some quick snaps of my Big Mimi in Banana :smile: i owe you all (and my credit card) a big fat slideshow soon of my recent incoming bags. i PROMISE! (and feel free to nag me till it appears here ;))

    what i love about this bag is the interior corduroy print lining (reminds me of orla kiely a bit) and the attention paid to the stitching/quilting and hardware- i love that the studs in front are slightly different colors - one antiqued brass and one larger aged silver.

    what will really do this bag justice is a modeling shot but my photographer is fast asleep...
    front.jpg detail.jpg side.jpg inside.jpg back.jpg
  10. Jandelvis--- I'm not sure if it's just me but I don't see the photo... :nogood:

    Oops.. Now I do... Sorry, I posted before I refreshed.... *embarrassed*
  11. BagLuver-- I saw the white big Mimi in person and I must say that the best color of this style is the banana and saddle (luggage?), the white is just okay (IRL)...

    The Mimi in olive, however, really blew me away. The photo in HH's website doesn't do it justice in the least... the woodwork patent really gives the bag character, it's a very special bag for fall! I oredered one and should get it tomorrow! :tup:
  12. jandelvis - I love that color! It's gorgeous!!
  13. Baglover
    Thanks for your response re the triple hudson. Crumbs - another one to go on the list :nogood:

    I'm glad that Jandelvis is in the house to help you with your decision - and also madl's_gal - I hadn't realized that someone had seen it itf.
  14. I love the Triple Strap Satchel!
  15. Thanks so much - that was very helpful! I've decided to go with the Olive. I don't have anything like it - it's really unusual. And I agree about the white - some of the other colors are better. I really like the Banana and the Lead. But they are not on sale. :sad: I also couldn't pass on the price of the Olive - $82 - Wow!

    Oops, didn't mean to hijack. :back2topic: