Hayden-Harnett Plum vs. Eggplant


Jun 10, 2006
Does anyone by any chance have a plum H-H bag and an eggplant H-H bag that they could post a comparison photo of? I'm curius about the difference between the 2 colors. Eggplant looks brighter, but, geez, if I need a purple bag it should be the right color, right? :P
I seriously have to quit doing things like this. It makes me want another bag, and I just broke down and ordered the Orsay sachel in the harlequin print.
sorry, i dont have pics, but IMO the plum is lighter/warmer, the eggplant is darker (but more vibrant)/cooler, so you should consider what would go best w/ your wardrobe, if that matters to you!
I ordered the eggplant havana and really disliked the leather. The color was great, but there was no richness to the leather--very stiff, not at all buttery, no drape. Not great to the eye or the touch. It seems like it works well for the marlow bag, but not for the less structured styles.