Hayden Harnett Peacoat- Buy or No Buy?

  1. i need advice on a hayden harnett sample sale peacoat: "estelle"
    from hayden harnett's sample sale.
    red ($250) black ($215)
    expensive, but cute.

    buy or no buy? jalapeno (red) or black?


    also does anyone know how the apparel sizes work at hh? i'm 5'5" and 125 pounds. M should be fine right.

    let me know what you think...
  2. I have not seen it in person but the pictures make it look beautiful. A coat is a good thing to spend more on than other pieces. If it feels good on, I would get it.
  3. Well I don't think I'm going to have the opportunity to see it in person. Its from their sample sale, and all sales are final...... :sad:
  4. get it in red. its beautiful!
  5. I like the black one better. Medium sounds like it would fit, because their sizing runs a tad small if I remember correctly. However, they have a VERY strict return policy. Don't buy it unless you're absolutely positive about it... Their cs is an absolute nightmare to deal with!!! :tdown:
  6. Medium should work for you. Also, I like the black one better and it's more versatile. Have you tried it on in person? Sometimes you have to try it on before you know to buy it or not. :yes:
  7. Love the red. Black is versatile but if you are like me, most of my jackets/coats are black, gray or brown. Red is a little unexpected.
  8. Both look beautiful but the "all sales final" thing would scare me. I always like to have an option just in case the coat does not look right on me when I get it.