Hayden Harnett Pan Am tote

  1. I just received a red Pan Am tote from the recent HH sale, and so far am impressed with the bag. I was looking for something I could use when going about with my two kids. This involves toting a bunch of snacks, some diapers, extra clothes, and drinks, as well as my own stuff (wallet, keys, phone, lip stuff, lotion, etc.). I think this bag will fit the bill nicely.

    Being made of nylon, it's fairly light and I don't have to worry terribly about stains or moisture. The two front pockets are perfect for water bottles, and the center front pocket offers quick access to oft-needed items. The inside has three slit pockets on one side and a zip pocket on the other. The bottom is reinforced and has five feet. Black leather trim adds a bit of class to a nylon bag. The two handles sit comfortably on my shoulder, but I haven't had a chance to wear it loaded yet. My favorite feature? The clips that bring in the top sides, transforming the bag from a plain rectangle to a cool-looking trapezoid. The bag also has a magnetic closure on the top edge.

    pan-am_body.jpg image0004.jpg image0005.jpg image0006.jpg
  2. Cute bag, I wish I had bought it before they upped the price.
  3. cciele, thanks so much for sharing the detail pictures looks like an awesome bag! I have one suggestion though- I got one of the micchio cases, in the khaki- and used it once (as a clutch) this weekend. It was disgustingly dirty! Granted it is lighter than your red, but I'd suggest a stainguard spray. Think I'm going to do that now. I was able to wash mine in wool-light and most of the stains came out, but still- I was disappointed that I couldn't get all the stains off (i.e.- the nylon is not pretreated).
  4. very cute! congrats!
  5. i love that color! congrats!! very chic mommy ;)
  6. Thanks all!

    tonij2000--yeah, I was lucky and snatched it up when it was $39. Right after that they raised it to be in line with the price of the other Pan Ams.

    woodstock--ooh, thanks for the tip! Sorry to hear about your Michio :sad: I'll spray it before I go out.
  7. very cute... great deal
  8. Awesome bag at an awesome price!! Enjoy. I love the red colour!
  9. Awesome bag for a great deal! Love the red.
  10. I just ordered one as I am needing a new gym bag and this one will be perfect!! Although I didn't get it for as good a price as you though. I just love that red. Please update after you have used it a few times to let us know how it holds up.