Hayden-Harnett: Our new Trophy Satchel...just what the doctor ordered~ 6 Months Ago!

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  1. I wish they'd stop making their stupid videos and start SHIPPING OUR STUFF.
  2. Oh... THAT'S what we had wrong all along!! :idea: The Shine bags were SPRING bags!! I feel like such a silly little thing. I thought they were fall bags :amuse::blush::cutesy:
  3. Gee.... I did too!!! :idea: Should we apologize to Toni & Ben for bothering them for our SPRING bags for over 6 months???!! :blush: :cutesy:
  4. :lolots: Oh, absolutely!

    Dear Ben & Toni:
    We sincerely and sweetly apologize for pestering you for six months about bags that weren't due out until the spring!! :blush: We also bow to your infinite, prescient wisdom in predicting that deep purple, pumpkin, grey, and black would be the "new" rose, spring green, lavender, and butter. True genius!! :idea:
  5. ^^^^:lolots::yahoo:
  6. This is hilarious!
  7. How eloquent Jenni!!!

  8. :lolots:LOVE IT JENNI!!! :urock:
  9. :lolots:
  10. I just sent Salina an email about something funky with a few of my orders that were open since last Sep. Oh my goodness.... Jenni, I love it- REALLY!
  11. :cutesy: Happy to give someone the giggles!!
  12. LOL Jenn

    Seriously. I can't even bring myself to watch the video. Lame.
  13. ^ I know. I just find it irritating that they're wasting their time doing that and acting like everything's just peachy.
  14. This video is cringe-inducing to watch.

    It's not cute...it's not funny...it's lame.

    Why aren't those salespeople helping to box our shipments?

    Where are the customers? Why is the store empty?

    Who's going to get stuck buying the Burke that they taped the sign to?

    The only good thing about the video is the unintended irony when the patient leaves with nothing more than a picture of a purse and a vague promise.

    Now that's cinéma vérité.