Hayden-Harnett Orsay Satchel

  1. I thought about putting this is the all-encompassing H-H Homebase thread, but what the heck?
    Has anyone seen the Orsay Satchel IRL? This is the latest bag I've been stalking online :nuts:. The dimensions seem like it's pretty large but the picture from AE makes it look manageable. I am concerned about how clean the canvas would stay, but this bag looks so versatile and the black leather looks yummy. Any thoughts or opinions? All welcome!
  2. It looks like a pretty nice bag. I like it!
  3. I like it also. What are the dimensions?
  4. I think it's 16 inches across by 10 inches high.
  5. It's beautiful!! :tup:
  6. I had ordered an Orsay in brande/caffe and HH incorrectly sent the printed version. I sent it back but took pics. first and hadn't gotten around to editing them. I think the dimensions on the website are accurate, it's a good size but not huge (I'm 5'5" for reference). I love the overall look of the bag and braided detail but did not love the leather, which is why I did not exchange it for the all leather version. It's very nice, but just a different kind of leather, quite structured and stiff by HH standards. I guess it's hard for me to have an HH bag that doesn't have soft leather. Here's some pics. to provide an idea of the size and what the leather's like.
    orsay1front.JPG orsay2braid.JPG orsay3back.JPG orsay4arm.JPG orsay5shoulder.JPG
  7. I love the modern hexagon print :love: with the black leather. Too bad the leather isn't the typical HH smooshy kind though.
  8. It looks so interesting - and much nicer in your pics than on the website....I'm wondering if it's the same leather that is on the Pastis?
    Thanks for sharing....
  9. The leather on the Pastis bags I have or have seen is much softer. The Orsay leather seems quite sturdy, like you wouldn't have to worry out about throwing it around at all.
  10. I tried one on the other day. Like the ladies said, the leather is considerably sturdier than the typical HH leather. I am 5'-1" and it was not overwhelming on me. It is a fairly "thin" bag so it sits nicely against the body.
  11. I want this bag, too. I say go for it!
  12. I likey!!
  13. I have the Orsay Satchel in the White Leather with Chocolate trim and Green Floral Print and used it all summer. It was/is my favorite summer bag, and I got a ton of compliments on it. I cleaned the white leather a few times with Lexol Cleaner, but I didn't have to clean the linen at all. It stayed very clean, and the green floral is pretty light. It's the perfect satchel IMO. The size is just right, I'm 5'5. It's definitely not too big, if anything I wish it were a little bigger. I am sad that I won't be using her as much, now that fall and winter months are approaching. The good news is that I live in AZ and we pretty much wear whatever we want all the time because of the weather here. I love this bag so much, that when I was recently visiting a friend in SF, I went to Muse Ten to see all the HH bag IRL, and the sales girl couldn't believe my HH knowledge (and obsession). She said "Oh, I think I have another HH bag in the back from a past season". What do you know, she came out with an all black Orsay Satchel with the Harlequin print on the inside. I scooped that thing up and said
    "I'll take it" without even asking how much it was! Anyway, I have yet to use it, kind of waiting for fall, but I keep walking around the house with it and checking myself out in the mirrrors. It's a gorgeous bag. The leather is a bit thicker and sturdier than my other HH bags, but still divine. I think it might have to do with the shape. Anyway, if you have any other questions, lmk! I love the Orsay, it's a great bag!!!!
  14. I love my all black orsay satchel... I get allot of compliments on it. It's classic, feminine, and slightly rocker with all the hardware.

    I'd love to find the other one you have the white with the floral print. it seems so fun.. Have you had any color fading from the sun on your print?

    Thanks for the bump eye heart :smile:
  15. I didn't realize how old this thread was. I got my white one from the bay, and I think the green floral print was already faded, but actually, I kind of like it that way. I haven't noticed that it faded anymore since I have gotten it though.

    I agree about the black. You said it perfectly. Classic, feminine and rocker! The perfect bag! Even though the leather is a little thicker, it's still HH quality and gorgeous.