Hayden Harnett Order Question

  1. I just placed an order w/HH and I didn't receive a confirmation email from them. The money was taken out of my account and I did contact them. Does anyone know what it means when you don't get the confirmation email? This is the 2nd bag I have ordered from them this week and I have not even gotten the 1st! I'm going to return the 1st one though...it was the Mercer Satchel. I just ordered the Chocolate Havana Hobo instead. I hope it wenhrough okay! I have to wait all the way until Tuesday to find out!
  2. Okay, nevermind! I just received an email.
  3. Oh NO you don't - you just get that Mercer out of the box and see if you don't fall instantly and completely in love - I carried my poppy Mercer with me shopping yesterday and I swear to GOD my step was springier and I had a better outlook on life. Every time I reached in to my poppy M I felt like I had way more money than I really did. In other words, made me feel like a million bucks.

    But I know - everybody's different.:graucho:
  4. I got my mercer satchel 3 days ago, and i am obsessed. I love it, perfect size/shape/structured yet slouch, easy to use/and i cant stop playing with it! :p (thats me anyway)
  5. Oh no! Well, I have both coming and will decide which one to keep :smile: Looking at the Havana again, and though it's beautiful, it might be too floppy for me. At least i get to see boin person...I can't wait!!!! Thanks for the input.