Hayden Harnett or Theory?

  1. Which tote do you all like better? Sigh...I'm lusting after both but can get only one. The color on the Gaza Luxe would be chocolate instead of taupe. I included the taupe one for a size comparison. Thanks; I appreciate your input!
    117418_fpx[2].jpg 11738173172535752[1].jpg gazluxsat_bitt_med[1].jpg
  2. Oh, the first tote is the Theory Convertible and the second and third are Hayden Harnett Gaza Luxe. Thanks!
  3. Looks like the Theory has a shoulder strap ... but then the Gaza's straps are able to be put on the shoulder too.

    I like the Gaza because it seems to have more organizational capability.
  4. I would go with the lightest handbag but I am partial to HH though!;)
  5. I like the Theory bag better. HH Gaza's shape is too square, and there are too many pockets and make the bag look too busy. My humble opinion.....
  6. as much as i love me some HH, the gaza just doesn't do it for me. it's too busy. my pick is the other one.
  7. Theory!
  8. Theory for me
  9. I love HH too, but I would get the Theory! I like the strap and shape better.
  10. Theory. I too love HH bags, but the Gaza isn't really my style The Theory tote seems more classic.
  11. Hmm... They both look good, but I lean towards the HH one because I like pockets!
  12. I really like the Theory, it's a bit more original
  13. I've seen that Theory bag online before and really like it. I'm not a fan of HH's Gaza bag - something about it is a little too "sporty" for me (I think it's the netting pockets) - it reminds me of an overnighter that you'd use to pack your toiletries and makeup.
  14. I love the Theory bag. I also love HH, but for some reason, can't stand the Gaza bag. All those outside pockets look weird to me (no offense to anyone!).
  15. Agree, the theory bag rocks! Great size and styling. The HH is cool, too, looks very sporty and urban, looks heavy though, and the cargo pocket thing has been around the block the past few years. Just MHO.