Hayden Harnett or Anna Corinna Cobalt bag?

  1. I NEED a cobalt bag! :yes: I love these two, the Havana by HH and the City Tote by AC. I do have several Havanas and LOVE them btw, so please help me decide OR any other wonderful cobalt bags you can recommend?
  2. Forgot to attach pics! First is the HH and then the AC.
    HH Havana, Cobalt.jpg AC City, Cobalt.jpg
  3. You know I love HH - but the AC would be my pref in this case!!! BEAUTIFUL!!
  4. Definitely HH. The Havana is such a great style and the leather is almost sure to be better. On most AC bags I've seen, the leather is gorgeous and soft on black bags but quite dry on other colors.
  5. In your case I'd recommend the AC, just because you already have Havanas and it's good to have variety in your collection!
  6. The AC.
  7. I much prefer the style of the HH to the AC. It's absolutely a matter of personal taste though.
  8. Same here...you know I'm a sworn HHH but in this case I'd say go for the AC:yes:
  9. Since you already have a Havana, go for the AC!
  10. from the pictures, I'd say the ac city.
  11. Ac!
  12. AC. I just saw it in person and the leather was a little thicker in this color.
  13. I prefer the AC.
  14. I prefer the AC too. I have read many of your posts and know you have lots of HH. I think this will help add some more variety to your collection. Plus, I absolutely adore the style of this AC.
  15. Likin' the AC....