Hayden-Harnett Nomade Tasseled Drawstring

  1. I need some info on this bag from people who have seen it or own it. I read in a thread that the leather was textured - like crinkled paper? It sounds like it's kind of stiff. Would you say that's a fair assessment? Does it get softer with use? What about the size? I can't find the pics I saw in some thread some time ago. (There are pages and pages!) Any info would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. I ordered the Nomade in fir and it was my first HH. It's definitely not as soft as their other bags. It's a textured leather, like you noted, and your assessment seems right (crinkly and stiff). For me, I wasn't keen on the color either (seemed more like a dirty-brown with a hint of green, then green), so I returned it.

    It's a decent-sized bag - not as a big as the hobos but not as small as their clutches.
  3. I had the this bag in the Bark color. The leather is stiff, as if it had been wet, then allowed to air dry. It may soften up with time, but I didn't keep it long enough to know. I actually liked the look and I loved the color. I got rid of it because the magnetic closure was too weak and the bag would not stay closed if I had very much in it. If you don't fill it up, the magnet stays closed better. I hope this helps:smile:
  4. I have both the Nomade's. I don't think the leather is really stiff. It does have a crinkled look to it. I don't like the size of the drawstring. Like the other gal said, if you put much in it, it will not stay closed. You can tighten up the drawstring, but it's still open a bit. My drawstring bag is the bittersweet color and the other (can't think of the name) is the bark color. I like the bittersweet color better. It's a very rich color. On my bark bag the corners are starting to show wear. That really bugs me.
  5. Thanks for the input! I may pass on this one.