Hayden-Harnett Nico Hobo vs Havana

  1. I really like the look of these 2 bags but I haven't seen either one IRL.I want to get one of them for myself and I was wondering if anyone owned either one and could tell me about them.

    My life is crazy busy...I have 3 small children and I'm a resident physician so I'm always on the go...which of these 2 bags would fit my needs better in your expert opinions?
  2. I LOVE my Havana Hobo. I am an attorney w/ 2 small ones, and it's a really great, flexible bag for me. It works for all occasions, it's LIGHTWEIGHT so that I can also tote the diaper bag and a kid. It holds A LOT when I need it to, but doesn't look huge if I'm not carrying a lot.

    I'm sure the Nico is great, too. HH bags are really really impressive.
  3. I love the Havana and believe it can as much as I'd ever need. One idea is to order the Havana and try your stuff in it. It it's not big enough, exchange it for the Nico.
  4. I have a Nico and it's enormous, but not overwhelming. Surprisingly light for a bag of that size with some hardware on it. If you think it might be too big, definitely go with the Havana first and exchange for Nico if it's not big enough. A bit of caution: the zip flap on the Nico can be kind of a pain if you need to get in & out of it quickly and it's so cavernous inside that it's hard to find things inside it unless you get a purse organizer.
  5. I have both actually - I would suggest the Havana Hobo for you.

    Nico has a bigger size, but the bag sits at your bum area (where your hand is if you put your hands down) after you put it over your shoulder, and I think as a mom with 3 small ones, when you want to hold hands with your kid the bag would be in the way (or if you need to carry other bags and such, it would be less convenient) - not to mention the part of the strap that goes on your shoulder is rolled, so if your bag gets heavier, it might cut into your shoulder - I don't have the problem, but my mom tried my Nico and she said it was hurting her cuz the strap would cut into her shoulder.

    The Havana however is smaller, but it is still pretty big, so it should fit your everyday things for your kids (unless you carry a lot, then I would recommed the Nico again). After you put the bag on your shoulder it sits at the torso area, so it would leave your hands "free" so to speak (am I making any sense here?). Not to mention, the strap on the Havana is flat, so even if you put more things in the bag, the strap will not cut into your shoulder and it would be relatively more comfortable.

    One thing I have to warn you however, is that the Nico has a zipper closer and the Havana dosen't - so you have to make sure you close the magnetic closure and make sure your flap is properly placed down on your havana.

    Hope this helps!
  6. I love my Nico! I have two little ones and am also a physician, and it works perfectly.
  7. Nico! It just hangs better, and it holds so much. I have 2 of them, and 1 Havana..hands down the Nico is my fave...
  8. Definitely the Havana... merely on closures alone. Magnetic and folds over, easy to getinto, where as the Nico is a zipper.. you can leave the zipper undone and jus tlet it flop, but I found thenico to be an odd bag to wear.. abut I'm petite, so yea.
  9. Did you decide yet? Here's a "modeling pic" of the Nico.
    HH Nico Currant.JPG
  10. I have the Nico and I love the look of it. I tend to use it in the winter though. The longer strap works well with heavier sweaters and jackets, too. It's a very large bag but it actually hangs nicely against the body when it's not completely full. I don't own the Havana but I think it's really cute, too!
  11. Thank you all so much for your suggestions.I did get the Havana last week during the HH sale that Indiaink was kind enough to tell us about. I love it! I'm planning to get the Nico now. I was so impressed with the Havana.
    Again I thank you all for your expert advice and suggestions. You're the best:tup:
  12. Do you happen to have a modeling pic of the Havana? I think I'm gonna get one next but would like to see it on first.
  13. I'll try and post one...
  14. ^^^Thanks!
  15. I know this thread is old-but, i am resurrecting it because this is my exact question.

    I had the HH Nico and it was huge IMO-just way too big for me. I am now considering the Havana Hobo. is that a mistake? will it be as big as the Nico? is it smaller, does it lay differently? Any pics, opinions greatly appreciated.

    For reference, i am 5'1".