Hayden harnett nico bag??

  1. hey guys I'm looking for the hayden harnett nico bag for less than its retail price. I wanted the yellow color. I found one on eBay for a grea tprice but won't accept paypal.. only cash or money order :sad:

    so has anyone seen any sites selling this bag with a discount code?? thanks!!!
  2. hi! i just got a Nico in Currant from eBay and it is AWESOME. in terms of deals, there is a chocolate Nico on sale at lunaboston.com for 440$ and you can get an added 20% off by using the code "grechen." with their free shipping, that may be an even better deal than some of the eBay offers i've seen lately. if you are really into the yellow color i know that anthropologie is selling it for the full price, but i've heard that they tend to heavily discount some of the HH bags when it's sale season. i bookmarked it and am keeping an eye on it! good luck!
  3. thanks so much for the info! :smile:
  4. They have the yellow Nico on their website...plus you can get 30% off right now with their sale!